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 'Prism (A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys)' out now! Available on all major digital channels.
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The Anix   Mask 750x400
Hurts   Beautiful Ones 600x400
The Cure   The Lovecats 600x250
Keluar   Volition 600x250

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matrix downloaded 006

Alfa Matrix Downloaded 006

With the 6th edition of the now classic FREE "Matrix Downloaded" label digital compilation, Belgium's ALFA MATRIX labe...

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Electrozombies 18   Synth Pop Evolution

Synth Pop Evolution

Synth Pop Evolution 'Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know' . Bleak and melancholic tracks with pu...
Electrozombies 17   Pitch Black Discoteque

Pitch Black Discoteque

Pitch Black Discoteque Sadness is the happiness of the profound. A pitch black playlist of Electrozombies favourite clu...
music mix   electrozombies 16 electronic bombs

Electronic Bombs

Electronic Bombs Tracklist: Covenant - Call The Ships To Port (Club Version) Protafield - Severe Sever For...
music mix   electrozombies 15 dead disco 2

Dead Disco 2

Dead Disco 2 Tracklist: Protafield - God-Forced Erasure - Paradise Aesthetic Perfection - Oh, Gloria! C...

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