IAMX   The Unified Fields

IAMX – The Unified Fields

IAMX - The Unified Fields Two steps forward and one step back This album is definitely a big step back. After great predecessor ' ...
depeche mode delta machine album 750x400

Depeche Mode – Delta Machine (Deluxe Version)

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine (Deluxe Version) A review on the limit Wow! Every 'Depeche Mode' fan is excited to listen to 17 new tracks (!) that comes with the deluxe version of 'Delta Machine', including me as well. As a long time Depeche Mode fan it's re...
hadouken   every weekend

Hadouken! – Every Weekend

Hadouken! - Every Weekend Musical rebels Hadouken's music style is hard to describe. They themselves say, that they are an Indietronic / New Rave band, but musically elements such as Hip Hop, Dubstep, Elect...
mesh automation baby
Almost flawless

Mesh – Automation Baby

Mesh - Automation Baby The next 'perfect' album? Mesh always moves somewhere between Synth Pop and Electrorock. This balancing act makes this album exciting and varied. Can the successor of the album 'A Per...