mg   europa hymn

MG – Europa Hymn

'Europa Hymn' is the first taste of ‘MG’ - Martin Gore's 16-track electronic instrumental album - out NOW on Mute Records. Directed by: M-I-E....
formalin   supercluster

Formalin – Supercluster

Formalin - Supercluster An album like a rocket Supercluster is a breathtaking concept album with an obviously space theme. This young band from Berlin uses exciting samples that makes their music sound real...
camouflage   greyscale
Shining Star

Camouflage – Greyscale

Camouflage - Greyscale Three instrumental track drags the overall-rating of this awesome album down This album is a brilliant piece of pure, modern synthpop music. I'm a fan of this band since 1986, so it's...