Presence Of Mind   Pure
Vivid vibes

Presence Of Mind – Pure

Presence Of Mind - Pure Same same but different Wow! Dark electro-heavy Synth Pop with an 80s and 90s vibe. 'Presence Of Mind' is an Electropop band, that has been active on and off since the early 90´s. Un...
Inazulina   No Cure 750x400

Inazulina – No Cure

Official music video 'No Cure' by 'Inazulina' taken from the album 'Glow in Dark' (2016). Direction: Ulises Depaoli, Direction Assistant: Damián Silva, Photography : Matias Aguero, Cristian Mastrulli, Alexis Bianchi, Zapata León, Walter Andrada, Post Edition...
Junksista   Drug

Junksista – Drug

Official music video 'Drug' by 'Junksista' taken from the EP 'Sinner's Delight'. Video by Mumukuba....
BOO   Diamond Feelings

BOO – Diamond Feelings

Official music video 'Diamond Feelings' by 'BOO' (Battery Operated Orchestra) taken from the album 'Radiation'. Directed + shot + edited by BOO....