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Electrozombies is one of the fastest growing Synthpop, Electropop, Futurepop, EBM, Electrorock and Darkwave webzines with visitors from all over the world. Especially strong in the regions USA, UK, Europe including Scandinavia, Russia and South America. The website has currently around 70.000 hits (page views), more than 16.000 unique visitors, and the average session duration is almost 3 minutes (Evaluation of the last 30 days, update status on March 21st, 2017).


Leaderboard Banner 970×90 px

Leaderboard banners will be displayed underneath the bulletin section on the homepage. The biggest benefit for this choice: The homepage is the page with the most overall hits. Almost every visitor ends up here first!

The banner size should be: 970x90px.
For best preformance keep the file size under 80kbit.

Electrozombies - Banner Advertisment 970x90 Pixel

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Medium Banner 360×270 px

Electrozombies - Banner Advertisment 360x270 Pixel

Demo of the full size of the banner

Medium banners will be displayed in the sidebar on the right. The biggest benefit for this choice: The banner will be seen on almost any Electrozombies post/page.

The banner size should be: 360x270px.
For best preformance keep the file size under 80kbit.

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General banner information

Your benefits to advertise on Electrozombies

  • Your advert banner will not get blocked by AdBlocker
    Electrozombies don’t use any special advertising software. Further we also use unusual banner sizes. By this procedure almost every AdBlocker can’t identify the adverts on the site and the banner will not get blocked. The chance that a visitor will see your advert is much higher than on any other channel with installed advertising software.
  • Very flexible, no long term contracts
    We don’t want to offer advertising placements only for the major players on the market. Especially small bands, labels, online stores and other interested companies are close to our hearts. As example: A banner can appear only for a week without any further obligation. The perfect solution if you’ve a small marketing budget.
  • Fixed prices, no surprising invoice
    We only offer fixed prices, because the price will be just calculated by the time it’s online. We don’t offer ‘pay per click’ or ‘pay per impression’. With this strategy you can easily calculate your marketing budget without an unknown price factor. Additional no broken promises will be made. You can check the success in your referral traffic section of your own statistics.

Before preparing a banner

We accept banner image formats in JPEG, PNG and GIF (static or animated). Please do not use images that could be considered as offensive or ‘Not Safe For Work’. Besides we reject illegal and extreme political content as well.

Exclusive placement opportunity

When more than one banner is booked on a position at Electrozombies, then the banners are in a random rotation. The banners will be updated and displayed after each reload of the page. If you prefer an exclusive positioning, then send us your precise idea via email. We will gladly prepare an individual offer.

Custom banner service

If you don’t have any graphical skills, we can create a custom designed banner for an additional fee. We just need a short description of what you want, and the attached pictures that you own. With this information on the hand, please get in touch us via email. We will send you a noncommittal offer as soon as possible.