The videos that pleased our eyes in 2017

We love music videos! Regarding this fact we’ve chosen to create a list of the best Synth Pop and genre related music videos of 2017. The videos we present here are characterized by creativity, idea, film editing, make-up / costumes or story.

Especially in some cases it’s inspiring to see what artists and bands can do even without a big budget. Enjoy the music videos now and please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The playlist ‘Best music videos 2017’ contains (without ranking):

  • Aesthetic Perfection – Love Like Lies
  • Vitalic – Waiting For The Stars (Feat. David Shaw And The Beat)
  • Beyond The Fallen – Anima (Feat. Utau Yume)
  • Lord Of The Lost – Raining Stars (Feat. Formalin)
  • Depeche Mode – Where’s The Revolution
  • Ray Noir – All Alone (Feat. Mariann Rosa)
  • Garek – Save The Queen
  • Accrogeist – Celestial Storm
  • Horskh – Engaged And Confused
  • X Marks The Pedwalk – Secrets
  • Reol – ギミアブレスタッナウ/ Give Me A Break Stop Now
  • Prayers – West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys Cover)
  • The Anix – Ephemeral Mask
  • Sexy Suicide – Evelyn
  • Ghost Twin – Plastic Heart
  • Metallspürhunde – Let’s Make The World Fun Again
  • William Control – All I Need
  • Normoria – The Right To Be Me
  • Blind Stag – The Night Forever
  • Gary Numan – My Name Is Ruin
  • Enter Shikari – Live Outside
  • Alice Glass – Without Love
  • The Mystic Underground – Those Evil Urges
  • Vogon Poetry – Dangers Of Space
  • Model Depose – Poison Heart
  • Null + Void – Where I Wait (Feat. Dave Gahan)
  • St. Vincent – Los Ageless
  • Fever Ray – To The Moon And Back
  • The Frozen Autumn – Tomorrow’s Life
  • Enter Shikari – The Sights
  • Scandroid – Afterglow
  • Palais Ideal – Invisible Eye

Do you think we missed a gorgeous or astonishing music video of 2017?

Please leave us a line in the comment section below. We are curious about your favourite music video(s) in 2017.

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