‘Apop We Love You’ 2-CD Digipak Indiegogo campaign

Make a dream come true

Last year we’ve published our first tribute compilation ‘Apop We Love You (A Tribute To Apoptygma Berzerk)‘. That time and also further productions we got a lot of requests, if this tribute could be bought on CD.

Unfortunately we are a really small company and the cost of the royalties to the original artist in addition with the production cost is something that we can’t finance yet. But with your support the dream of a 2-CD in a digipak can come true! If we’re successful more will follow.

We need your support

Only you can make it happen that this tribute compilation become physical. The why is really simple to explain. Until now we just publish our tributes only on digital channels, because all the royalties and service cost for the distributor will be paid for each download separately. But if we decide to produce a small limited edition of physical CDs then we have to pay all this cost in advance.

Nowadays it’s really hard to sell physical CDs

That’s why we are going to try to get the whole production cost in advance via this Indiegogo campaign. Even big bands who have a contract with major labels try to finance their albums in advance via PledgeMusic. Unfortunately PledgeMusic only accepts campaigns when you already big enough in the business.

Once we had a telephone conversation with PledgeMusic and got relatively clear that we would be too small and the campaign would not have any prospect of success. Statistics are probably more important than the core idea! This kills the idea supporting young bands/artists/companies, but this is another story.

Get your copy of the 2-CD Digipak here

Simply click this button to go to the campaign page. For a fund of only 17 € you’ll get the 2-CD Digipack including shipping worldwide. The production will only start if we reach the funding goal.

Support Indiegogo campaign here


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