Apoptygma Berzerk announce new album for October

“It’s Apoptygma Berzerk, Jim – but not as we know it.”


“Explore strange new worlds”

Apoptygma Berzerk reinvents itself – again – with an exciting new sound; different from, but complimentary to, the electro rock future pop stylings of previous releases.

On ‘Exit Popularity Contest’ (a fix-up of the 12″ EPs ‘Stop Feeding The Beast’, ‘Videodrome’ and ‘Xenogenesis’), Apop founder Stephan Groth distils the essence of carefully selected pioneers to construct a classic yet refreshingly contemporary sound. Varied and vital, it brings instrumental music back into the spotlight, and after the wildly enthusiastic audience reaction to the sold-out performance in Norway last year, it appears he has tapped into a rich seam of electronic pleasure for a new generation as well as older aficionados.

Where no man has gone before”

Always a musical chameleon, Groth pays homage to his roots through emulating the analogue soundscapes of innovators like Kraftwerk’, ‘Tangerine Dream’, ‘Jean-Michel Jarre’, ‘Vangelis’ and ‘Klaus Schulze’, and the driving motorik Krautrock rhythms of ‘Neu!’, ‘Cluster’ and ‘La Duesseldorf’, all filtered through his own unique Scandinavian sensibility. In doing so he has created a vibrant, colourful 21st century palette on which to blend these classic influences from the Golden Age of electronic music.

‘Exit Popularity Contest’ demonstrates an admirable musical purity and sincerity, channeling the best of the past to forge a path into the future. The album is announced on October 7th, 2016.

The tracklist of ‘Exit Popularity Contest’

  1. The Genesis 6 Experiment
  2. Hegelian Dialectic
  3. For Now We See Through A Glass, Darkly
  4. Stille Når Gruppe
  5. In A World Of Locked Rooms
  6. The Cosmic Chess Match
  7. U.T.E.O.T.W. (Instrumental)
  8. The Devil Pays In Counterfeit Money
  9. Rhein Klang
  10. U.T.E.O.T.W. (Extended Version) (Bonus Track)

Apoptygma Berzerk tribute out now

apop_we_love_you_-_final_cover_artworkTo bridge 5-week waiting period, we recommend the inhouse tribute album ‘Apop We Love You‘. Here you may, experience the famous ‘Apoptygma Berzerk’ classics also in other tonal colors.

  1. You refer to it as an instrumental album yet track 7 in brackets states it’s an instrumental. If they’re all or mostly instrumentals, why does track 7 say “instrumental”. I’m confused. Please don’t let it be an instrumental album. I like music accompanied by lyrics and singing. Sorry but the occasional instrumental is fine but an entire album of them is boring. Very disappointed if after waiting all this time for a new Apop album, it’s all instrumentals.

      1. I guess “U.T.E.O.T.W.” means “Until the End of the World”, and since the original song is not an instrumental, this may refer to an instrumental version of the song.

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