Frequently Asked Questions

1. Could you please explain your Track By Track rating in the reviews?

First of all: To rate music is a really subjective thing to do. So in case of Electrozombies reviews it is just my personal taste of music. There is no rating crew behind it. It also meant that this is no rating about the quality of the recording or a appraisal of the content. But if you overcome with the most of my ratings then you found the right blog, which you can trust finding new music. Please see my rating attribute in the overview table below.

Star Rating
Detailed explanation
I really don’t like this song. Maybe it’s the wrong genre for me or I think it’s just a poor recording. Maybe other personal kind of aversion.
It’s quite okay, but for me a “skip song”. Which means as example it’s an instrumental, which I don’t like in general. So usually I skip this track while listening to the album.
This is a good one! With 3 stars it’s already more than the half of the maximum rating. Every CD with an overall rating with more then 3 stars is a worth to buy.
Wow, this is a highlight and brilliant piece of work. I love and will also play this track on my onlineradio broadcast. Congrats from my heart for songs with this rating.
BIG LOVE! This is a true masterpiece. Songs with a 5 star rating are going to be one of my all-time favourites.

2. Why you didn’t release a review of our album we have sent to you?

This could happen within these two reasons:

  1. The overall rating is below 3 stars. Which means it was not my kind of music taste, a completely instrumental album or maybe not my kind of genre at all. Publishing a review with a rating less then 3 stars isn’t good for publicity of your album. One of Electrozombies maxim is to write independent reviews. Paying me won’t change anything on the overall score.
  2. You sent me only snippets of the songs (no matter how long), I also won’t publish a review. You also can’t rate a movie by just watching the properly best scenes, right? Same thing if you put copyright notes or other audio overlays onto the songs. No reviews for these ones as well.

3. Do you accept/prefer physical releases for reviewing?

As a big CD collector (See my Disogs Page) I’m always really grateful for physical samples, that found their way into my letterbox. But as I mentioned before, it doesn’t have any effect on the overall rating if I receive the sample digital or physical way. With physical samples, you just earn a special place in my heart and you will get a priority support through all channels of Electrozombies.  :-P