Solve 20 Synth Pop questions to impress your friends

Solve 20 Synth Pop questions to impress your friends

Only this Electrozombies quiz can judge you!

You believe you know everything about Synth Pop? Well, then start now and do the proof. Only die-hard Synth Pop fans can solve all questions!

In the final result you’ll be judged as followed:

  • 0-20% = Synth Pop Lover
  • 21-50% = Synth Pop Addicted
  • 51-80% = Synth Pop Mastermind
  • >81% = Synth Pop God-like

Solve 20 Synth Pop questions to impress your friends

Solve 20 Synth Pop questions to impress your friends

Solve 20 Synth Pop questions to impress your friends

Question 1 of 20.

Complete the lyric line of this Duran Duran's classic: "I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio ..."

duran duran ordinary world e1470138737869

1. ... it's time to take the pressure off
2. ... still, I can't escape the ghost of you
3. ... I blame myself and I blame the machines
4. ... now we’ll try to stay blind to the hope and fear outside
Question 2 of 20.

What's the artwork of the legendary 'Violator' album?

violator cover image

quiz cover radioactivity
quiz cover The Violet Flame
quiz cover Voices And Images
quiz cover violator
quiz cover yes
quiz cover unkown pleasures
Question 3 of 20.

Whose logo is this?

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Logo

1. Kajagoogoo
2. Red Flag
3. Culture Club
4. A Flock Of Seagulls
5. Bronski Beat
6. Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Question 4 of 20.

Which metal/rock band produced a Synth Pop album in the late 90s that is often compared with the album 'Ultra' from 'Depeche Mode'?

quiz cover image ultra

quiz band Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost
quiz band Smashing Pumpkins
Smashing Pumpkins
Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson
quiz band In Flames
In Flames
quiz band Sepultura
Question 5 of 20.

Which one is a well-known Synth Pop act from Australia?

1. Paranoia
2. Pandemonium
3. Parralox
4. Pandora
Question 6 of 20.

Who has never been a member of 'Depeche Mode'?

synth pop quiz depeche mode logo

1. Alan Wilder
2. Andy Bell
3. Andrew Fletcher
4. Dave Gahan
5. Martin Gore
6. Vince Clark
Question 7 of 20.

What's the name of Camouflage's side project in 1991?

Areu Areu

1. Camo Camo
2. Dero Dero
3. Areu Areu
4. Bureau Bureau
Question 8 of 20.

Andrew Fletcher is known as band member of 'Depeche Mode'. What's the name of his own former label?

Andrew Fletcher

1. Toast Hawaii
2. Cordon Bleu
3. Fish'n'Chips
4. Pizza Tonno
Question 9 of 20.

Which band name doesn´t exist?

Fake Band Name

1. Level 42
2. Heaven 17
3. Nexus-6
4. Cream 69
Question 10 of 20.

Who has never been a member of 'Kraftwerk'?


1. Florian Schneider
2. Karl Bartos
3. Wolfgang Flür
4. Ralf Hüttner
5. Peter Heppner
Question 11 of 20.

'The Human League' took their name from?

The Human League

1. A SciFi TV series
2. Fictional baseball team
3. A popular board game
4. 3rd world activist group
Question 12 of 20.

Which one was the only band produced by Andrew Fletcher's (Depeche Mode) label?

client band quiz

1. Client
2. Patient
3. Customer
4. Passenger
Question 13 of 20.

Which song was never a No.1 in the charts? (GER/UK/US)

bjoerk disappointed

Soft Cell
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Disappointed Alphaville
Alphaville - Big In Japan
Disappointed Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode - Dream On
A ha
A-ha - The Sun Always Shines on T.V.
Disappointed Camouflage
Camouflage - Love Is A Shield
Disappointed OMD
OMD - Maid Of Orleans
Question 14 of 20.

When did 'Gary Numan' release his famous hit 'Cars'?

gary numan cars

1. 1979
2. 1982
3. 1976
4. 1985
Question 15 of 20.

The german band 'Beborn Beton' was founded in?

Beborn Beton

1. 1992
2. 1995
3. 1986
4. 1989
Question 16 of 20.

Which subgenre doesn´t exist?

music genres

1. Dream Pop
2. Electro Cute
3. Electroclash
4. Industrial Pop
5. New Romantic
6. Cholo Goth
Question 17 of 20.

On which album is the ground-breaking 'And One' hit 'Sometimes' included?

and one sometimes e1469779036142

and one spot 1993
And One Virgin Superstar
Virgin Superstar
And One Flop
And One Nordhausen
And One Aggressor
And One I S T
Question 18 of 20.

Which screenshot shows the music video 'Always' by 'Erasure'?

Erasure Logo

quiz video still sometimes
Erasure Run To The Sun
quiz video still always
quiz video still ship of fools
Erasure Take A Chance On Me
quiz video still love to hate
Question 19 of 20.

'Duran Duran' is named after a SciFi movie. But which one?

Duran Duran

Silent Running
Silent Running
Logans Run
Logan's Run
Soylent Green
Soylent Green
Star Trek
Star Trek
The Quiet Earth
The Quiet Earth
Question 20 of 20.

What were their band called before 'Pet Shop Boys'?

Pet Shop Boys young

1. West End
2. King's Cross
3. Camden Boys
4. Regent Park

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Solve 20 Synth Pop questions to impress your friends

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