The Dark Dance Diary
The Electrozombies DJ Sets are always a bit closer to black. This can be proved by this playlist called 'The Dark Dance Diary'.  Read More
The playlist is entitled 'Synth Pop Evolution', and reflects the different new genre influences like as example Synthwave in the last years.  Read More
Sadness is the happiness of the profound. A pitch black playlist of Electrozombies favourite club tracks in 2016 so far. Read More
Listen to a playlist full of explosive club hits of the recent years. This DJ Set contains tracks from: Covenant, Formalin, Solar Fake, Aesthetic Perfection ... Read More
'Dead Disco 2' is the sequel of the fast pacing dark disco music mix. A mixture of Synthpop, Industrial Pop and Electropop is waiting for you. Read More
Tracklist: Beborn Beton – A Worthy Compensation Aesthetic Perfection– The New Black... Read More
My entire life music was an important way to express feelings. This mix is for erveryone who had a painful loss in the past. Read More