Synth Pop Evolution

‘Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know’ [Quote by Ernest Hemingway]. Bleak and melancholic tracks with pulsating beats are waiting for your dreamy dance moves. The playlist is entitled ‘Synth Pop Evolution‘, and reflects the different new genre influences like as example Synthwave in the last years. But now enjoy the first Electrozombies DJ set in 2017.


  1. ScandroidPro-Bots And Robophobes (Feat. Circle Of Dust)
  2. William Control – Analog Flesh In A Digital World
  3. Aesthetic PerfectionLove Like Lies
  4. Depeche ModeWhere’s The Revolution
  5. Massive Ego – She Uses Sex
  6. M.I.N.EThings We’ve Done
  7. Faderhead – Shame
  8. Eisfabrik – Sensations Of Pain
  9. Monica Jeffries – The Road Ahead (Hybrid Version)
  10. TechnolorgyLight In Darkness
  11. Mesh – Runway
  12. We The North – Lost Inside
  13. Parralox – A Question Of Love (Feat. Louise Love)
  14. Pet Shop Boys – Undertow
  15. Aesthetic Perfection – Never Enough (Solar Fake Remix)
  16. In Strict Confidence – Land Of God
  17. The Mystic Underground – War Of The Roses
  18. Absurd Minds – Farewell
  19. Massive Ego – I Idolize You (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
  20. De/Vision – Synchronize
  21. Eisfabrik – Hell Is Made Of Ice
  22. Diorama – Comfort Zone
  23. Lauri – Heavy
  24. Covenant – Cold Reading
  25. Project Pitchfork – Pandora
  26. The Sweetest Condition – Depths Of Hell
  27. Massive Ego – Low Life (Feat. Maggie K DeMonde)
  28. Beyond Obsession – My Quiet Moments
  29. GarekSave The Queen
  30. Parralox – Jupiter (Feat. Louise Love)

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