Pet Shop Boys – Rare & Unreleased 3

Pet Shop Boys - Rare & Unreleased 3This compilation brings together more obscure and unreleased songs by Pet Shop Boys. It includes rarities from 1984 to 2020.


  1. West End girls (Ben Liebrand 9 course suite)
  2. Two divided by zero (Pandemonium tour studio version)
  3. Paninaro (Ian Levine instrumental)
  4. Heart (Demo)
  5. I want to wake up (Johnny Marr groove mix)
  6. Left to my own devices (Orchestrated devices)
  7. How can you expect to be taken seriously (Vocal reprise)
  8. Only the wind (Peter Schwartz demo)
  9. To speak is a sin (Live in Rio, 1994)
  10. Shameless (Nightlife tour studio version)
  11. For all of us (Piano version)
  12. You only tell me you love me (New mix radio edit)
  13. Home and dry (Dusan go to hell mix)
  14. Time on my hands
  15. The Sodom and Gomorrah show (Instrumental)
  16. The way it used to be (Instrumental)
  17. Love is a bourgeois construct (Instrumental)
  18. Will-o-the-wisp (Instrumental)

Download the compilation on Periodic Table of Synthpop.