{X} cellent
iamx   metanoia
After the mediocre album 'The Unified Field', 'IAMX' found back to his strength. Every track on this album sounds unbelievable unique. Read More
formalin   supercluster
Supercluster is a great concept album. This young band from Berlin uses exciting samples that makes their music sound really unique. Read More
parralox   aeronaut
Parralox supplies the synthpop community with a continuous output. Playful melodies and always with this nice 80s feel. Read More
In Strict Confidence - Hate2Love
Well, Hate2Love is an album with mountains and valleys, but overall it's also a well-produced album with a lot of really cool and dark songs. Read More
Junksista - Promiscuous Tendencies
Promiscuous Tendencies, the third studio album by the German duo Junksista. This is my first time really digging into this band, and I have to admit, I'm hooked. Read More
Seaofsin   Timeless
It's no coincidence that the band name 'seaofsin', in combination with the 'Anton Corbijn' look-a-like artwork, automatically reminds you of 'Depeche Mode'. Read More
iamx   volatile times
Although the album 'Volatile Times' has received just a scoring in the upper middle class area, here are 3 precious pearls to be found. Read More
This tiger bites
me the tiger   st
If you liked the album 'Vitriolic', then you'll love the remastered debut, because here the 'Me The Tiger' sound is sonically optimized. Read More