Official music video ‘Just For Tonight’ performed by ‘Ari Mason’. Videography by Ari Mason.


he says he loves me, but I don’t know why
I can’t live with myself, I made him cry
let me be visionless, let me forget it all
so I don’t hurt him anymore, I am damaging his soul

are we done lamenting? are you still my lover?
can we forget that we’re so sad about each other?
you always say “baby please, just for tonight”
I can’t say if I’ll stay, so I just say I might

chaining myself down is hard for me to do
if I could do it honey, I’d belong to you
you know I love you so, but we can’t pretend
that we won’t hurt and break each other again

he says he loves me, and it makes me cry
I’m never through with him, even when I try
moving on ain’t easy, but he’s a man, he’s grown
so when he clings to me, I’ve got to go and say that I am on my own

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