SHIV-R – Escape Velocity

SHIV-R - Escape Velocity

Official music video ‘Escape Velocity’ by ‘SHIV-R’ taken from the album ‘Requiem For The Hyperreal’. Video by: Psyklon Industries.


Powerless beneath your fingertips
Scratching at the world I used to know
If the truth lies in subjectiveness
Is it in the high or in the low?

Forever fated to your haunted kiss
Searching for escape velocity
Driven by the torment we exist
In a state of mediocrity

An idle teardrop
Reflecting all this pain
A deluge in a heartbeat
An idle teardrop
inverted galaxy
That dies upon your skin

Deep inside we share this emptiness
Drown it, bury it, we’re in control
In the real a split second of bliss
Exhaled in a single breath out to the cold

No escape velocity