Cosaquitos en Globo - Humanum
Cosaquitos en Globo's 4th album navigates between the ethereal, the deep and somehow heartbreaking, an organic and emotional response to an increasingly less empathic world. Read More
Zardonic - Become
Zardonic's latest album 'Become' is the best example, that dancing is not about ignoring and denying. Read now in our Radar section about this release. Read More
Neonsol - Another Day
Neonsol’s characteristically powerful, introspective songwriting reminiscent of The Cure at their best; and the Another Day EP is set to become an instant favourite. Read More
Ghostfeeder - Star Beast
Retro-Gaming sounds, 80ies references, high danceability and well balanced dark lyrics merge into what is the new album 'Star Beast'. Read More
Big Time Kill - Anxiety
The new 'Big Time Kill' EP 'Anxiety' covers the span between stages of inner tension as well as a variety of genres - ready to get excited? Read More
Faderhead - Starchaser EP
While Patreon's of 'Faderhead' are blessed with a new song every month, ordinary mortals had to wait almost two years now for the new EP 'Starchaser'. Read More
Mechatronic - Still Life
If you are true avant-garde's and you like the energetic and lovely and uncompromising sounds, "Still Life" is probably the album of your dreams. Read More
Ideon - Ideon
A journey through romance and desolation, love and fear, neon and ashes. This is the essence of the debut EP 'After The Fallout' by 'Ideon'. Read More