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We get a lot of album review requests. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to check all entries that are worth to get a review. Therefor we would like to present you here in the ‘Radar’ section the latest and most interesting releases. We like to recommend those music releases to listen to.

Frozen Nation – Dark Belgian Disco

Album facts

Release: September 1st, 2017
Label: Sub-Continental
Genre: Synthpop, Futurepop
Discogs: Not available yet

An awesome danceable Synth Pop album

The members of Frozen Nation are D&D, Moss and Elvis. They met at Spector Studio in Brussels during a very harsh winter. Sharing a common passion for new-wave and post-punk bands they started to make songs together and soon released their first track, ‘I Failed For You‘.

The album Dark Belgian Disco is influenced by Covenant, And One, Depeche Mode, Chic, Moroder, Dead or Alive, Roxy Music, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, New Order, Joy Division, Killing Joke, The Psychedelic Furs, Alphaville, Bauhaus, Wolfsheim, Heaven 17, John Foxx

Get ‘Frozen Nation – Dark Belgian Disco’ here


Cosaquitos en Globo – Humanum

Album facts

Release: August 31st, 2017
Label: Self released
Genre: Electropop, Synthpop, Synthwave, Darkwave
Discogs: Not available yet

Dark beats from Buenos Aires

In an increasingly dark, automated and distant world, HUMANUM embodies the uneasiness of these times but, at the same time, rebels by proposing sweet and luminous melodies, showing one of the most openly sensible panoramas of the duo.

Cosaquitos en Globo’s 4th album navigates between the ethereal, the deep and somehow heartbreaking, an organic and emotional response to an increasingly less empathic world.

In its alternate reality, man and machine come together to create a utopic fantasy, contrary to the apocalyptic vertigo that surrounds us, escaping to recover the essence that makes us human.

Get ‘Cosaquitos en Globo – Humanum’ here

The Static Architect – Disarray

Album facts

Release: August 28th, 2017
Label: Self released
Genre: Electrorock, Industrial
Discogs: Not available yet

You like Nine Inch Nails, then check out this

The Static Architect is an indie synth rock/industrial-esque amalgamation of noise, guitars, and electronics. A sonic hack into your virtual soul. Vocally the singer Nick McLaren is very close to Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). You also can find an awesome cover version of ‘Down In The Park’ originally performed by ‘Gary Numan’.

The Static Architect also appears on the last Electrozombies compilation ‘Universe > Spirit (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)‘ with a gorgeous cover version of ‘Going Backwards’.

Get ‘The Static Architect – Disarray’ here

Fires – Red Goes Grey

Album facts

Release: September 8th, 2017
Label: Metropolis Records
Genre: Synthpop, Electrorock, Industrial
Discogs: Not available yet

An Industrial / Synthwave combination

Thirteen years. The time between beginning and an ending, and the return to the familiar ground of first pages being turned.

This is the ethos behind FIRES, new project from Eric Sochocki (Cryogen Second, Becoming The Devourer), which sees a return to his dance roots. However, this return is not to familiar territory, as FIRES does not opt for political warnings entrenched in post-apocalyptic imagery, as seen in Cryogen Second, or towards the esoteric and ephemeral, like Becoming the Devourer. Instead, FIRES is a direct reach inward and expressed in pop melodies, electronic rock, and nods to the retro-futurism of Synthwave.

This album can trace its musical lineage directly to Industrial acts like Imperative Reaction, Aesthetic Perfection, and Alter Der Ruine, while taking pieces from modern Synthwave producers like Carpenter Brut, S U R V I V E, and Vogel.

Get ‘Fires – Red Goes Grey’ here

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