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We get a lot of album review requests. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to check all entries that are worth to get a review. Therefor we would like to present you here in the ‘Radar’ section the latest and most interesting releases. We like to recommend those music releases to listen to.

The Frozen Autumn – The Fellow Traveller

Album facts

Release: November 3rd, 2017
Label: Echozone
Genre: Darkwave
Discogs: Not available yet

Modern Darkwave without clichés

Since their first demo in 1994, ‘The Frozen Autumn’ have established themselves as a fixture and cult band in the electro-dark-wave scene. With ‘The Fellow Traveler’, after their last longplayer ‘Chirality’ from 2011 and the EP ‘Lie In Wait’, the new album with eleven tracks, which will once again impress the band’s own style – also ‘Frozen Wave’ titled.

As on the previous albums, the singing parts of Diego and Froxeanne alternate, similar to the very early, stylistically related releases of ‘Clan Of Xymox’. This adds an interesting component to the auditory flow of the album, allowing the listener to immerse himself more and more into the genre-typical melancholy-gloomy universe.

‘The Fellow Traveler’ convinces with sophisticated songs, which were written for real album listeners and do not adhere to passing Gothic or Wave clichés, but remain true to their style. The songs skilfully move between danceable-percussive arrangements and athmospheric Darkwave, garnished with a soothing 80s flair.

Thus, the new album should also be able to further increase the international reputation of the band, not least confirmed by numerous worldwide concerts and festival appearances.

Get ‘The Frozen Autumn – The Fellow Traveller’ here

Ideon – Ideon

Album facts

Release: October 27th, 2017
Label: Self released
Genre: Synthwave
Discogs: Not available yet

Driven by pure passion

A journey through romance and desolation, love and fear, neon and ashes. This is the essence of the debut EP ‘After The Fallout’. ‘Ideon’ is an awesome Synthwave project by ‘Stefano Lugo’ (Electrogenic), who wants to live his personal passion for Synthwave genre and the 80s. As a big fan of ‘Scandroid’ he feel heavily inspired to produce something similar and let live the spirit of the 80s again.

We are truly convinced by ‘After The Fallout’. It’s a dreamy and classic Synthwave EP with great lyrics and much passion. Check out the official music video of the first Single ‘Coney Island‘ now.

Get ‘Ideon – Ideon’ here


Neonsol – Another Day

Album facts

Release: September 1st, 2017
Label: Analogue Trash
Genre: Synthpop, Futurepop
Discogs: Link

Electronic music from another world

The title track Another Day is a dreamy electropop number, presenting the unique duality of Nina’s mesmerising voice and Jesper’s distinctive baritone amidst a bed of polished, wistful electronics and synth work courtesy of production mastermind Fred. Other stand out tracks on the EP include the sassy electropop anthem Forever, dancefloor stormer Heat – plus a very special reinvention by industrial-noise stalwart ESA, a beautiful, ethereal ballad in the form of In the Garden and an incredible reimagining of the title track by the legendary Rotersand.

Add to all this Neonsol’s characteristically powerful, introspective song writing reminiscent of The Cure at their best; and the Another Day EP is set to become an instant favourite among Neonsol’s dedicated international fanbase as well as winning them many new fans.

Get ‘Neonsol – Another Day’ here


Ryga – Catch Her Groove

Album facts

Release: June 6th, 2017
Label: Microphone Records
Genre: Electropop, Synthpop, Electropunk
Discogs: Link

Crazy beats from Latvia

‘Ryga’ is the most provocative band from the Baltic states, capital city of Latvia. Started their music career in 2013, they have been shocking the audience by bringing popular but awkward topics and sounds and discussing them straight ahead , without lies or frilling. “We all are just human beings, so – why not to be honest with who we really are”, used to say band leader Marcis Judzis.

Ryga debut album ‘Catch Her Groove’ just came out late June 2017. Local and international press used to point out that band Ryga is rebellious loud and with character. An enormous charge of energy combined with shock therapy born in a dramatic environment, by fusing various already well known bands. Possibly, this is the key to their originality — they bring you the sound of electronic and dance music with a true punk attitude.

Get ‘Ryga – Catch Her Groove’ here


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