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We get a lot of album review requests. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to check all entries that are worth to get a review. Therefor we would like to present you here in the ‘Radar’ section the latest and most interesting releases. We like to recommend those music releases to listen to.

We The North – Unhealing

Album facts

Release: October 27th, 2017
Label: Space Race Records
Genre: SynthpopFuturepop
Discogs: Link

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Powerful Synth Pop with cold beats

Defining their musical sound as Nordic Noir, new ground is explored using classic electronic sounds. With an intentional and deliberate blending of the old with the new a melancholic hopefulness is created from the dark seasons of life in Scandinavia.

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The Rain Within – Atomic Eyes

 Album facts

Release: February 14th, 2018
Label: Negative Gain
Genre: SynthpopSynthwave
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If you like Scandroid, then check this out

Andy Deane grew up loving the horror movies and romantic comedies of the 80s. He could watch Michael Myers taking out promiscuous teens for 90 minutes and then shift gears to find out who Molly Ringwald was going to choose to be with at the school dance. There was inspiration to be found at both ends of the spectrum… the horrific and the beautiful, the tragic and the hopeful. Either way, a great soundtrack was the one thing that could put a film over the top.

This dichotomy shapes The Rain Within’s sound in many ways; The cold synthesizers of John Carpenter and Vangelis colliding with the soulful, catchy pop structures of The Psychedelic Furs and Depeche Mode. Dance beats pound a path to the future as heartfelt lyrics draw the listener back to the past.

After 2 successful self-released EPs, The Rain Within met up with Negative Gain Productions at a performance in LA on their first US tour. A bond was formed and from it the band’s first full-length album, Dark Drive, was born.

Atomic Eyes is the latest release for The Rain Within and is easily the band’s most ambitious work to date. This album merges synthwave and sythpop while breaking every rule for each along the way. The record manages to be more aggressive, visceral, and upbeat, all the while maintaining a sound that is uniquely The Rain Within. The Rain Within has successfully built a bridge between the 80s and today’s audience.

Andy Deane is a modern renaissance man, having found success as a musician and a horror author. He is a classically trained musician, having years of vocal training under his belt. He has toured the US extensively and found his way to Europe and the UK on several occasions with both The Rain Within and his gothic rock band Bella Morte. The Rain Within is his latest musical conquest and Atomic Eyes will land on Valentine’s Day, 2018

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Palais Ideal – No Signal

Album facts

Release: January 19th, 2018
Label: Dark Vinyl Records
Genre: Darkwave
Discogs: Link

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Awesome Darkwave from the Netherlands

New wave music for emotional engagement, intellectual stimulation, energetic dancing and nostalgic enjoyment!

Constructed from fragments of post-punk and new wave. Foundations are provided by vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Sweeping guitars and vocals create overarching structures. Romanticism and stark modernism are fused into an energetic new style.

In designing the PALAIS IDEAL, John Edwards (guitars, vocals, synths, programming) and Richard van Kruysdijk (bass, baritone guitar, backing vocals, synths, programming) have joined ranks with bands such as Editors, She Past Away, Lebanon Hanover, Trentemøller and Ikon, who have also drawn inspiration from works by The Cure, New Order, The Sound and the Sisters of Mercy. As musicians and producers, both members have worked on projects for independent and major labels and toured extensively.

Get ‘Palais Ideal – No Signal’ here


Mechatronic – Still Life

Album facts

Release: February 2nd, 2018
Label: Space Race Records
Genre: Electropop, Synthpop
Discogs: Link

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Playful and varied Electropop

Melodic freshness, elegance and a remarkable polarizing ability, are the peculiarities that have always distinguished the synthpopish / EBM songwriting of the Swedish duo-project Mechatronic, who, after further compositive refinements, have now reached their fourth album, Still Life, a release full of preciosity that included fourteen prospectively impeccable songs.

Music for the new generations, clean, harmoniously built, danceable and accessible in any circumstances. It alternates easy listening moods and very clubby formulations with structures full of technological refinement, always keeping very high levels of entertainment. Symmetrical drum-programming lines draw extraordinarily danceable trajectories, while enthralling vocals, sequenced punctuations, sampling and fascinating euphonies of synths create a galaxy surrounded by spectacular electronic choreographies.

The new full-length, in addition to being a remarkable step forward in the discography of the duo, is a resource for all the alternative D.J.’s, who will find in the tracklist many potential floorfillers. Mechatronic far surpass once again the conventional sonic average, proposing themselves as an avant-garde project, capable to compose small masterpieces of synthpop art without any complexity, designed specifically and scrupulously one by one to obtain the maximum performance.

If you are true avant garders and you like the energetic and lovely and uncompromising sounds, “Still Life” is probably the album of your dreams.

Get ‘Mechatronic – Still Life’ here


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