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PreCog - Pareidolia

PreCog – Pareidolia

Pareidolia is a little happy, a little sad, and worth a listen. PreCog, consisting of Jason Thomas, Gerald Josef, and Bret Pamelton, continues the style from their 2016 album Are We Lost? in this 2017 release.
Eisfabrik - Null Kelvin

Eisfabrik – Null Kelvin

Musically and conceptually, 'Eisfabrik' remained true to itself on 'Null Kelvin'. But what about the quality of the songs? Read more here!
Our Banshee - 4200
Great debut

Our Banshee – 4200

The debut from 'Our Banshee' is a great record. It is danceable and evokes cold desolate feelings, fitting it into the EBM/Darkwave genres.
Priest - New Flesh

Priest – New Flesh

That's exactly what our scene needs: New Flesh. For me, the debut of 'Priest' is one of the biggest surprises of the year.