Chemical Sweet Kid – Addicted To Addiction

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Release: May 12th, 2017
Label: darkTunes Music Group
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A drug called music

Now it’s finally before us. The new album ‘Addicted To Addiction’ by ‘Chemical Sweet Kid’. Although the band has existed since 2011, we have only noticed the young French with the release of the music video ‘Kiss My Hate‘ (December 2015). With this song, the band has drawn us straight into their spell, so they receive a place in the list ‘10 bands with bigger beats than The Prodigy that are gonna kick your ass!‘.

Obviously, the music of ‘Chemical Sweet Kid’ has a certain addictive factor. The mixture of Electrorock and Industrial sounds very fresh and is definitely contemporary. But what addiction potential does the current album ‘Addicted To Addiction’ offer?

I’ll try it harder this time

The opener ‘Never Enough’ is very good, even if the electronic instruments have been used very sparingly. Nevertheless, the track is captivating and extremely powerful. The beginning of the song heralds a suitable movie quote, which promises us: “I’ll try it harder this time […]”. If you know from which movie the quotation is, please write this below in the comments.

The second song ‘My Apologies’ sounds a bit more Industrial-heavy. Here electronic noise are very adept sprayed. Especially in the quiet breaks the synthesizers come to full use and create a cold and exciting atmosphere.

Chemical Sweet Kid
(Press Photo 2017)

The trip begins

Title number 3 ‘Hate Me’ has a rather mediocre Rock’n’Roll influence and skip it here.

Followed surprised and convinced us of the song ‘Ghosts & Shadows’. At last, the synthesizers speak a weighty word in the sound of ‘Chemical Sweet Kid’. The track offers a lot of dynamism and reminds a bit of ‘Antichrist Superstar’ from ‘Marilyn Manson‘. An absolute listening suggestion.

Adding some horror mood

The song ‘Fuck The Rest‘ has the vibe and the basic mood of a Halloween party. In addition, I could imagine the song very well as a soundtrack for a horror movie.

Here again, the electronic instruments play a decisive role in the sound construct. ‘Chemical Sweet Kid’ have done well to choose this song as the first single. My decision would certainly not have been different, since this is one of the strongest songs on the album.

Marilyn Manson as musical father figure

‘Some Kind Of Madness’ moves acoustically in the realm of insanity. My first associations tended towards ‘The Golden Age Of Grotesque’ also from ‘Marilyn Manson’. The track is slower and quieter than most of the album. However, the song is not lacking in gloomy menace.

Very nice are the almost classic, sounding strings in the track ‘What The Fuck’. These are used incredibly terrific and let the song live in a strange dimension. Even the unusual, driving beat brings a lot of variety in ‘Addicted To Addiction’.

In your face

Once again really full throttle and in your face, there is the song ‘Walk Hard, Stay True’. Here the head moves for 2:52 minutes with permanent headbanging. Rock on!

That the album quietly fade away you can safely forget. The effect of the drug ‘Chemical Sweet Kid’ has not diminished even in the last title ‘That Smells Like The End’. After an epic composition in the intro, the three French inject a full charge of their musical range. In a bombastic genre mix, the album burns down the hut.

Are we addicted?

Personally I would have wanted a little more use of synthesizers. And since I’m not the big fan of hard drugs in the musical sense, the addiction factor keeps me within limits. I still had my pleasure with the current release of ‘Chemical Sweet Kid’.

The album ‘Addicted To Addiction’ offers a fantastic range of songs somewhere between Electrorock and Industrial. The boundaries are sometimes difficult to detect. Despite the typical, musical character of ‘Chemical Sweet Kid’, the album offers a lot of variety. So if you’re on Electrorock with hard guitar riffs, ‘Addicted to Addiction’ is the best advice. We can recommend an absolutely worth listening album.

Track By Track Rating

Never Enough
My Apologies
Hate Me
Ghosts & Shadows
Fuck The Rest
Just Trying To Exist
Some Kind Of Madness
What The Fuck
Addicted To Addiction
Walk Hard, Stay True
We Are The Same
That Smells Like The End
Ghosts & Shadows
Fuck The Rest
Some Kind Of Madness
(Nothing to report here)

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