noir my dear
NOIR performing My Dear from their album ‘Darkly Near‘ that is available on Metropolis Records.... Read More
Selofan   The One You Wanted
Official music video ‘The One You Wanted’ by ‘Selofan‘. Taken from the album ‘Ciné Romance’. Camera: Grace Ow, Alexandros Sinodinos,... Read More
William Control   All I Need
Official music video ‘All I Need’ performed by ‘William Control‘ taken from the release ‘Revelations: The Black EP‘. Filmed and Edited by... Read More
Null Device - Let You In
Official music video 'Let You In' performed by 'Null Device' taken from the album 'Line Of Sight'. Director: Jill Sheridan. Read More
A superior opus
Depeche Mode   Spirit
The album 'Spirit' is very close to current musical developments and just as close to recent political world affairs or to personal events. Read More