solar fake   reasons to kill
'Solar Fake' obviously has found a formula to a consistently good way producing Synth Pop albums. Soulful lyrics, catchy melodies and danceable beats. Read More
Null Device - Let You In
Official music video 'Let You In' performed by 'Null Device' taken from the album 'Line Of Sight'. Director: Jill Sheridan. Read More
Drab Majesty   39 By Design
’39 By Design’, the first video from Drab Majesty‘s second LP: ‘The Demonstration’. Remembering the 39 that ascended to the... Read More
Das Moon   Gone
Official music video ‘Gone’ performed by ‘Das Moon‘ taken from the album ‘Dead’. Directed by: Ewa Solonia, Director of Photography: Karina... Read More
Rising high
ash code   posthuman
Ash Code wander continues on classical Darkwave / Batcave paths, but with the courage to use more electronic sounds. Read More