Age Zero - Age Zero III
Melancholy, sadness and dark thoughts are the companions of the new album by 'Age Zero' (Jan Weisbrod) called 'Age Zero III'. Read More
Alice Glass - Without Love
'Alice Glass' fights back in her new video 'Without Love'. Watch the former 'Crystal Castles' powerhouse glitter in her comeback visual. Read More
Official music video ‘Carbon Black’ performed by the goth industrial musician and fashion designer ‘Amelia Arsenic‘. Lyrics: Wouldn’t it be perfect... Read More
Amelia Arsenic - Queen Of Risk
Electro-punk rivet-jams with a satirical edge featuring the caustic pairing of versatile ingenue 'Amelia Arsenic' and producer/programmer Sean Payne (Cyanotic, Vampyre Anvil, CONFORMCO). Read More