Formalin Press Photo 2021
Probably the most in-depth interview with Formalin ever! The guys took a lot of time to allow us all a real and very personal insight on their creative process but also on their relationship inside the band. Grab a good cup of coffee (of tea), sit down in your favourite easy-chair and enjoy a little time with our friends from Formalin!
Formalin – Devil
Official music video for the Industrial song 'Devil' performed by 'Formalin' taken from the album 'Love And Nihilism'.
Formalin - Love And Nihilism
Formalin's 4th album 'Love and Nihilism' surprises with an uncompromising approach on mating Industrial and Metal that has long been overdue.
Formalin – Faded
Official music video 'Faded' performed by 'Formalin' taken from the album 'Love And Nihilism'. Video directed, filmed and edited by Formalin.
formalin supercluster
Supercluster is a great concept album. This young band from Berlin uses exciting samples that makes their music sound really unique.
music formalin 8211 salvation
Watch this video on YouTube Official music video 'Salvation' per­formed by 'Formalin'. Music, lyr­ics and video by Formalin. Taken from...