Priest - Techno Girl
Official music video 'Techno Girl' performed by 'Priest' taken from the album 'Body Machine'. Video directed by Vicente Cordero.
Miss FD - As Above So Below EP
The song 'Summoning' is a great dark pop / gothic song by the US artist 'Miss FD' with ancient middle eastern textures.
Dead Lights - Doom Doom Trash
Official music video 'Doom Doom Trash' performed by the British band 'Dead Lights'. The track is taken from the same-titled EP 'Doom Doom Trash'.
Massive Ego - The New Normal
The EP 'The New Normal' by 'Massive Ego' has a strong song quality. Even in our niche this more than unusual and sounds more like a 'best of'.
Merry Chicklit - Logisch
Official music video for the dark wave / electro song 'Logisch' performed by the German artist 'Merry Chicklit'. Video/Edit: Christian Rosenthal.