&Tilly - Dawn
The indietronic / electro pop song 'Dawn' is a very calm tune by the Slovakian band '&Tilly'.
&Tilly - A Walk In The Dark
Official music video 'A Walk In The Dark' performed by '&Tilly'. The slow, almost ballad style song about the fear of the war in the neighbour country.
100% - Abandon (Music video)
The song 'Abandon', which has a lot of atmosphere, was written by the Australian band '100%'.
music age zero age zero
http://youtu.be/xX2U1OyJnp0 Taken from the Album AGE ZERO I. Camera: Michaela Hann, Edit: AGE ZERO, ©+Ⓟ 2014 AGE ZERO All rights...
age zero im not afraid
https://youtu.be/tNKTpi1B9n8 I'm Not Affraid music video is taken from the Album AGE ZERO II. Camera: Michaela Hann, ©+Ⓟ 2016 AGE...