Possessor - Fatal Fixations
The song 'Ice Paradise' is a cold track by the US band 'Possessor' that is strongly reminiscent of the new wave era of the early 80s.
Arclight Halo - Burn
The song 'Burn' by 'Arclight Halo' drives you straight to the dance floor. The sound base is classic synth pop with tendencies to future pop.
Wingtips - Cross The Line
Official music video 'Cross The Line' performed by 'Wingtips' taken from the album 'Cutting Room Floor'. Directed by Masalah Baskin.
Syzygy - Justice Or Mercy
'Justice Or Mercy' is the name of the powerful synth pop / new wave song by the Australian duo 'Syzygy' and it convinced me from the very first note.
Priest - Body Machine
A cyberpunk ode to the 80s with Depeche Mode references. Read the album review for the synth pop smasher 'Body Machine' by 'Priest' now.