tying tiffany   peoples temple
'Tying Tiffany' find an awesome way to connect these subgenres with classic Synth Pop and Electrorock elements. This sounds really impressive and unique. Read More
Gary Numan - Cars
A game-changing song and video. Cars launched Gary Numan‘s solo career with another UK number one.... Read More
ladytron runaway
Runaway official video by Ladytron. Directed by Mike Sharpe & Barney Steel @ The Found Collective. Set by Music for... Read More
Pet Shop Boys - Yes
'Yes' contains beautiful melodies and tunes, soulful and emotive lyrics and the feeling like to meet an old friend. Read More
parralox   metropolis
'Parralox' supplies with 'Metropolis' a first class Synth Pop album. Groovy beats follow catchy melodies! Read More