Fragrance. - So Typical

Fragrance. – So Typical

Official music video 'So Typical' by French act 'Fragrance.'. Composed, written and mixed by Fragrance. Mastered by Hélène de Thoury (Synth Religion), Footage from the 1953 movie "Cat-Women Of The Moon".
M.I.N.E - Unexpected Truth Within

M.I.N.E – Unexpected Truth Within

The Album 'Unexpected Truth Within' by 'M.I.N.E' is a stunning record that could become the best album in 2018. Synth Pop awaits you at its best with a slight touch of Electrorock elements.
Swedish Electro Scene Vol.5 Cover

Swedish Electro Vol. 5

SWEDISH ELECTRO SCENE presents it's new compilation 'swedish electro vol 5'. The compilation released on Sunday April 29th and it's available for free dowloading. It contains 49 tracks in total by artists like Machinista, Train To Spain, Vogon Poetry and many more.