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Junksista - Profile Picture

Electrozombies is certainly one of the most stylish and progressive magazines in the scene. We loved being part of every Electrozombies compilation so far! keep up the amazing work!

Diana Noir


Alphamay - Profile picture

We highly value Electrozombies as inspiration to both the creators and the consumers of electronic music.

Cris Frickenschmidt


If you are hungry for new music and fresh news in the electronic scene, then look no further as Electrozombies is probably your best choice!

Ivan Oglomov


Electrozombies is crucial to our scene! It helps bands get news to you, and helps you find awesome new music.

Zoog Von Rock

William Control

Discovering new music is tough in today’s overcrowded digital climate. What more can I say but thank you to Electrozombies for all the love, support and kind words, and for helping me to discover some really cool new music that I wouldn’t have been able to find without them.

William Control


I never miss Electrozombies. It’s scary good, the best webzine alive on the scene.

Josef Stapel


Electrozombies is on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the electronic music scene. They always have the latest news and videos to share.

Gord Clement

Massive Ego

Electrozombies not only has the best logo, they also keep the Electro-Pop scene alive and up to date thanks to their website which is a weekly log in for us.

Marc Massive

The Static Architect

Electrozombies is the new underground for synth music lovers and aficionados!

Palais Ideal

Electrozombies are an important curator. Sifting through vast amounts of music, they share whatever is truly worth listening to.

John Edwards

Ray Noir

Thank you for sharing great music!

Ray Noir

The Mystic Underground

It would do the Synth/Electronic Pop scene well to emulate the kind of verve, spirit and sincere delight with which Thomas and the Electrozombies crew show with each and every post in this vital magazine.

Vladimir Valette


Gave SoftWave the opportunity to be seen without any request at all! For that we are VERY thankful.

Catrine Christensen

Twisted Destiny

We worked together 4 times now and it‘s always a pleasure!

Daniel Gersten

Black Nail Cabaret

Electrozombies is busy to keep the scene alive and original.

Árvai-Illés Emese

Amelia Arsenic

Electrozombies is the place for comprehensive playlists and reviews of important releases in underground electronic music.

Amelia Arsenic


Innovative way of reviewing, really like the concept!

Yves Schelpe



Electrozombies is a reference for musicians and electronic music lovers.

Raúl Muñoz-Torrero