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Electrozombies (est. 2010) is an international Synthpop magazine focused on Synth Pop, Electro Pop, Future Pop, Industrial Pop, EBM, Dark Wave and genre related music. In particular, we publish music videos, album reviews, interviews, music downloads, best-of list articles, our own complilations and tributes and much more. For detailed information about the founder, Thomas Frenken, please read the story behind the origin of Electrozombies.

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What we publish

Music videos: We love good music videos and post a new music video almost every day. In addition to new music videos from Synth Pop and genre-related music, we also regularly present classic music videos that have almost been forgotten to bring back fond memories. Once a month we compile the best music videos and create the YouTube playlist ‘Electrozombies TV‘ on our YouTube channel.

Album reviews: Our album reviews are unique because of our rating method. For a final scoring we use the track by track rating method. This is to provide an approximate objective rating and comparability with the other reviews. Of course we are aware that no review can be objective, but if you are on our wavelength, then you can fully trust our recommendation. In addition, we are 100% independent here and don’t let labels or promo managers dictate anything to us. Only our opinion counts. If we don’t like something, the artist or band doesn’t have to be afraid of a bad review. Anything we rate lower than 3 stars, we don’t even publish, because such a review doesn’t help anyone.

Interviews: Electrozombies interviews scene authorities and tries not only to communicate the usual marketing bla bla about the new album or the upcoming tour. With personal questions we want to know who is behind the artist or band in order to create intimacy and to be able to look at their music in a new light. Furthermore, we ask for musical recommendations, for example, so that you as a reader can go on a journey of discovery for new music.

Music compilations: We produce two types of compilations at irregular intervals. One is our ‘Undead And Open-Minded‘ series. Here we offer a platform for new or still unknown bands to present their songs to a wide audience in the form of a free and well-curated compilation. And secondly, we have our tribute compilations. We love Synth Pop covers ourselves and have found other fantastic bands through other tribute compilations. And this is exactly where we start. The fans of a great band for which we do a tribute listen to cover versions and discover new bands. This promotion is completely free of charge for all bands that participate.

Electrozombies facts

Establishment: December 2010
Location: Based in Germany, operating worldwide
Organisational form: 100% independent, non-profit
Friends and relations: Communion After Dark, Brutal Resonance, GEWC, Depeche Mode Covers

Electrozombies profile

Pro: Open-minded thoughs, LGBTQ+ rights
Con: EBM Elite scene from East-Germany, Alt-right movements

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