Hatif - Pool
The track 'Pool' by the Swedish band 'Hatif' presents itself with dark and punchy synths.
Platronic - Control
With a touch of 80s new beat, 90s techno and 2000s future pop, everything is present in the song 'Control' by the Finnish band 'Platronic'.
Donzii - Pattern 26
The song 'Pattern 26' by the US band 'Donzii' is extremely dark and somehow a mixture of dark wave and industrial. 
Audity Freak - Matter Of Trust
'Depeche Mode' fans listen up! The Canadian artist 'Audity Freak' has created his musical tribute to 'Depeche Mode' with his song 'Matter Of Trust'.
Arda Yiğit - I'm the One
The synth pop track "I'm the One" is a classic song with almost naïve playing and clear models in the 80s performed by 'Arda Yiğit'.