Our Spotify playlists

The story of my love for playlists

I have made and loved “playlists” all my life. As a child, still on audio tape via a cassette recorder with double cassette deck recorded from the TV or the radio. And then assembled with the double cassette deck. I think the quality was super crappy. But I listened to the mixes over and over again. At the end of the nineties, the first CD burners came on the market. The new ideal medium to create playlists digitally. I proudly bought my first CD burner in Düsseldorf (a double-speed burner for the equivalent of 450€). The prices for blank CDs were astronomical and not every attempt at burning was successful. Anyway, I still have my first mix CDs today. I don’t know if they still work at all. Lovingly designed, they are still on my shelf. I won’t show the artwork right here, because I’m a bit embarrassed about it.

When the first online applications made it possible to create “mix tapes” digitally and online, I was of course right at the start. I already had an account on 8Tracks, where you could make mixes with only 8 songs in the beginning. But I got out of that when Mixcloud became popular. To this day, we still have an active Electrozombies Mixcloud account and some mixes online, but the channel is no longer actively supported by me. Since the beginning of 2020, there is now also an official Electozombies Spotify channel. Spotify is more flexible, supports the artists at least a little and is generally easier and faster for me to maintain. On this page, I would like to briefly introduce you to the most important playlists. It would also be great if you would subscribe to the official Electrozombies Spotify channel. Thanks for the support and enjoy listening to our playlists.

The most important Electrozombies playlists on Spotify

Synthpop – 80s till now

Our most important and biggest playlist is ‘Synthpop – 80s till today’. This has a repertoire of almost 2,000 songs from the genres Synth Pop, Electro Pop, Future Pop and similar from the 80s to today and is constantly updated.

Synth Pop Cover

Anyone who has been following Electrozombies for a while knows that we love Synth Pop cover versions. That’s why we have dedicated a separate playlist to this topic with the obvious name “Synth Pop Cover”. You can also discover more about this topic on the page ‘We love Synth Pop covers‘.


For the harder body beats to dance to, we have created the playlist ‘EBM POP’. This is mainly maintained by Annika. She provides the necessary boom here! In any case, take a listen.

Electro Goth Club Remixes

The playlist ‘Electro Goth Club Remixes’ is in a similar vein to ‘EBM POP’. Only full of special remix versions of well-known Synth Pop and Electro Pop hits, which have been mightily boosted for the dance floor.

Ultra Dark Synth Pop Sadness

A dark Synth Pop playlist full of sadness, heartache, pain, Weltschmerz and loss. Are you brave enough to listen to this melancholy playlist?

More Spotify playlists to discover

We have many more playlists to discover on our Spotify channel. Just click your way through. If you have a fantastic idea for a playlist, just drop us a line.