Our Spotify playlists

The story of my love for playlists

I have made and loved "playl­ists" all my life. As a child, still on audio tape via a cas­sette record­er with double cas­sette deck recor­ded from the TV or the radio. And then assembled with the double cas­sette deck. I think the qual­ity was super crappy. But I listened to the mixes over and over again. At the end of the nineties, the first CD burn­ers came on the mar­ket. The new ideal medi­um to cre­ate playl­ists digit­ally. I proudly bought my first CD burn­er in Düsseldorf (a double-speed burn­er for the equi­val­ent of 450€). The prices for blank CDs were astro­nom­ic­al and not every attempt at burn­ing was suc­cess­ful. Anyway, I still have my first mix CDs today. I don't know if they still work at all. Lovingly designed, they are still on my shelf. I won't show the art­work right here, because I'm a bit embar­rassed about it.

When the first online applic­a­tions made it pos­sible to cre­ate "mix tapes" digit­ally and online, I was of course right at the start. I already had an account on 8Tracks, where you could make mixes with only 8 songs in the begin­ning. But I got out of that when Mixcloud became pop­u­lar. To this day, we still have an act­ive Electrozombies Mixcloud account and some mixes online, but the chan­nel is no longer act­ively sup­por­ted by me. Since the begin­ning of 2020, there is now also an offi­cial Electozombies Spotify chan­nel. Spotify is more flex­ible, sup­ports the artists at least a little and is gen­er­ally easi­er and faster for me to main­tain. On this page, I would like to briefly intro­duce you to the most import­ant playl­ists. It would also be great if you would sub­scribe to the offi­cial Electrozombies Spotify chan­nel. Thanks for the sup­port and enjoy listen­ing to our playlists.

The most important Electrozombies playlists on Spotify

Synthpop – 80s till now

Our most import­ant and biggest playl­ist is 'Synthpop – 80s till today'. This has a rep­er­toire of almost 2,000 songs from the genres Synth Pop, Electro Pop, Future Pop and sim­il­ar from the 80s to today and is con­stantly updated.

Synth Pop Cover

Anyone who has been fol­low­ing Electrozombies for a while knows that we love Synth Pop cov­er ver­sions. That's why we have ded­ic­ated a sep­ar­ate playl­ist to this top­ic with the obvi­ous name "Synth Pop Cover". You can also dis­cov­er more about this top­ic on the page 'We love Synth Pop cov­ers'.


For the harder body beats to dance to, we have cre­ated the playl­ist 'EBM POP'. This is mainly main­tained by Annika. She provides the neces­sary boom here! In any case, take a listen.

Electro Goth Club Remixes

The playl­ist 'Electro Goth Club Remixes' is in a sim­il­ar vein to 'EBM POP'. Only full of spe­cial remix ver­sions of well-known Synth Pop and Electro Pop hits, which have been migh­tily boos­ted for the dance floor.

Ultra Dark Synth Pop Sadness

A dark Synth Pop playl­ist full of sad­ness, heartache, pain, Weltschmerz and loss. Are you brave enough to listen to this mel­an­choly playlist?

More Spotify playlists to discover

We have many more playl­ists to dis­cov­er on our Spotify chan­nel. Just click your way through. If you have a fant­ast­ic idea for a playl­ist, just drop us a line.