New Synth Pop Songs 2023
Discover the new synth pop songs 2023 from the genres synth pop, electro pop, dark pop, dark wave and similar. The playlist is updated regularly!
Alice Gift - Pride (Prequel)
Official music video 'Pride (Prequel)' performed by 'Alice Gift' taken from the mini album "Nothing Against Uplifting, But …". Director: Heiko Lange.
Prawns - Wolves
As a lover of minimalist electro pop with female vocals, I was immediately drawn to 'Wolves' by the British duo 'Prawns'.
Computerbandit - Back
'Computerbandit' is taking us on a futuristic joyride with their latest synthwave track 'Back'. The song is taken from the self-titled 3-track EP 'Back'.
Lady Heartwing - Dash Zero
Lady Heartwing's 'Dash Zero' is a vibrant and captivating track that takes us back to the early 2000s with its fresh and whimsical sound.