Sneakpeek – Green Light

Sneakpeek - Scene Within A DreamOfficial music video 'Green Light' per­formed by 'Sneakpeek' taken from the album 'Scene Within A Dream'. When it comes to dreamy elec­tro pop, Sneakpeek from the USA has def­in­itely hit the right nerve with their latest track "Green Light". The very first notes take us back to a time when the Dream Pop and Indietronic of the 2000s conquered our hearts. With a gentle tempo and an irres­ist­ible dreamy mood, this song cata­pults us straight into a romantic world.

"Green Light" reminds me of great artists like Glüme, Parallels and there is even a hint of Ladytron here. The way Sneakpeek weaves the ele­ments of elec­tro pop into this track is impress­ive. The melody is cap­tiv­at­ing, and the elec­tron­ic tex­tures cre­ate an atmo­sphere that lit­er­ally pulls you into the song.

The romantic mood that "Green Light" exudes makes this song an ideal accom­pani­ment for relax­ing hours. Whether you are alone in your room or enjoy­ing a quiet night under the stars, this track cre­ates the per­fect sound­scape. The soft syn­thes­izers and the gentle voice of Sneakpeek merge into a wave of dreamy sound.

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