New Synth Pop Songs 2021
Discover the new synth pop songs 2022 from the genres synth pop, electro pop, dark pop, dark wave and similar. The playlist is updated regularly!
Tay - Shut It Off
With 'Shut It Off' performed by 'Tay' tells us the US artist that this song is about shutting off your thoughts and feelings from the outside world.
NNHMN - Omen
Official music video 'Omen' performed by 'NNHMN' taken from the album 'For The Comfort Of Your Exstazy'.
Opal Dusk - Disintegrate
The song 'Disintegrate' is an evil-sounding dancy industrial midtempo EDM tune performed by 'Opal Dusk' taken from the EP 'Pestilence'.
Synth Pop Newcomer 2021
Discover the newcomers of 2021 from the genres Synth Pop, Electro Pop, Dark Pop, Dark Wave and similar, who don't belong to the usual suspects.
Merry Chicklit - Logisch
Official music video for the dark wave / electro song 'Logisch' performed by the German artist 'Merry Chicklit'. Video/Edit: Christian Rosenthal.