Blackbook - Radio Strange
Discover Blackbook's ‘Radio Strange’: a synthetic masterpiece that exceeds all expectations! It sounds like a best of album!
William Control - Sex Cult
A cult, sexy album! The album 'Sex Cult' is a superb addition to William Control's discography and much catchier then the previous releases.
Ladytron - Time's Arrow
Ladytron's latest album "Time's Arrow" is a mediocre release with a few standout tracks. It's more likely to appeal to die-hard fans of the band.
Priest - Body Machine
A cyberpunk ode to the 80s with Depeche Mode references. Read the album review for the synth pop smasher 'Body Machine' by 'Priest' now.
Massive Ego - The New Normal
The EP 'The New Normal' by 'Massive Ego' has a strong song quality. Even in our niche this more than unusual and sounds more like a 'best of'.