In Strict Confidence - Hate2Love
Well, Hate2Love is an album with mountains and valleys, but overall it's also a well-produced album with a lot of really cool and dark songs. Read More
De/Vision - City Beats
Once again 'De/Vision' proves that even after 30 years they can still produce great and fresh Synth Pop albums. And 'City Beats' is a prime example. Read More
M.I.N.E - Unexpected Truth Within
The Album 'Unexpected Truth Within' by 'M.I.N.E' is a stunning record that could become the best album in 2018. Synth Pop awaits you at its best with a slight touch of Electrorock elements. Read More
PreCog - Pareidolia
Pareidolia is a little happy, a little sad, and worth a listen. PreCog, consisting of Jason Thomas, Gerald Josef, and Bret Pamelton, continues the style from their 2016 album Are We Lost? in this 2017 release. Read More