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Welcome to the music section of Electrozombies. This page gives you an overview of all contents contained in the music section. These include the categories Music Videos, Classic Music Videos, Reviews, Radar, Free Downloads and Music Mixes (DJ Sets). Here we will entertain you with music from our favourite genres: Synthpop, Industrial Pop, Dark Pop, Electropop, Darkwave, Futurepop, Synthwave and many more.

Watch the latest Synthpop and genre related music videos here.

IAMX - Mile Deep Hollow
Official music video 'Mile Deep Hollow' performed by 'IAMX' taken from the album 'Alive In New Light'. Video directed and edited by Chris Corner. Read More
Boy Harsher - Fate
Official music video 'Fate' performed by 'Boy Harsher' taken from the album 'Careful'. Director: Bryan M. Ferguson. Read More

Watch classic music videos that touches your heart. From long forgotten 80s New Wave and Post-Punk to 90s Electropop and Indietronica.

Bronski Beat - Why?
Official music video 'Why?' performed by 'Bronski Beat' taken from the album 'The Age Of Consent' (1984). Read More

Read the latest track by track reviews of Synth Pop and genre related albums and EPs.

Almost perfect
William Control - Revelations
'Revelations' by 'William Control' is one of the best albums in 2018 and it would be more than a pity if such a talent would mute forever. Read More
FORM - Defiance + Entropy
If bleak classical Synth Pop is your thing, then I highly recommend you to listen to the 'Defiance + Entropy' album from 'FORM'. Read More
Solid album
The Prodigy - No Tourists
After I have listened to The Prodigy's album No Tourists, I wanted to shout: "The 90s gave me a call and they want their music back!". Read More

The radar brings up current music jewels on the screen, which are briefly presented here.

Scandroid - The Darkness
Unfortunately, this time I'm not that convinced of the third work 'The Darkness'. I hope that 'The Light' in 2019 will have more to offer. Read More
Zardonic - Become
Zardonic's latest album 'Become' is the best example, that dancing is not about ignoring and denying. Read now in our Radar section about this release. Read More
Mechatronic - Still Life
If you are true avant-garde's and you like the energetic and lovely and uncompromising sounds, "Still Life" is probably the album of your dreams. Read More

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Free downloads of MP3 albums, compilations and tributes.

Strvngers - Exhumed Vol 2
The new Strvngers EP 'Exhumed Vol. 2' features a previously unreleased song along with remixes from the album 'Amor/Noir' and cover versions. Read More
Swedish Electro Scene Vol.5 Cover
Swedich Electro Scene presents it's new free compilation 'swedish electro vol 5' that contains 49 tracks by swedish artists. Read More

Listen to great free streaming DJ music mixes from Electrozombies.

The Dark Dance Diary
The Electrozombies DJ Sets are always a bit closer to black. This can be proved by this playlist called 'The Dark Dance Diary'.  Read More
The playlist is entitled 'Synth Pop Evolution', and reflects the different new genre influences like as example Synthwave in the last years.  Read More
Sadness is the happiness of the profound. A pitch black playlist of Electrozombies favourite club tracks in 2016 so far. Read More
Listen to a playlist full of explosive club hits of the recent years. This DJ Set contains tracks from: Covenant, Formalin, Solar Fake, Aesthetic Perfection ... Read More