Synth Pop Newcomer 2021
Discover the newcomers of 2021 from the genres Synth Pop, Electro Pop, Dark Pop, Dark Wave and similar, who don't belong to the usual suspects. Read More
Imperative Reaction - Mirror
Imperative Reaction combine everything on 'Mirror': harsh industrial EBM beats, melodic synth elements, pure hatred and despair make this album an intense listening experience. Read More
Eva X - Black Blood
Official music video 'Black Blood (Dance and Destroy Mix)' performed by 'Eva X' taken from the compilation 'Bound With Love'. Read More
Projekt203 - Sabotáž
Official music video 'Sabotáž' performed by 'Projekt203' taken from the album 'Demolačná čata'. Video: Ján Peter Háber. Read More