Coolmowee - Life Of A Robot
With a lot of energy, pressure and cool sci-fi sounds, the synth pop song 'Life Of A Robot' by the Canadian artist 'Coolmowee' takes off.
Traumship - Cold Hands
With a strong 80s vibe in the chorus, 'Traumship' presents their still super modern sounding synth pop song 'Cold Hands'.
New Synth Pop Songs 2021
Discover the new synth pop songs 2022 from the genres synth pop, electro pop, dark pop, dark wave and similar. The playlist is updated regularly!
M/A/T - Nueva Esperanza
Official music video 'Nueva Esperanza' performed by 'M/A/T' taken from the EP 'Jupiter'. The music video is filmed and produced by Sven Voß.
Roca. - Vibra
Official music video 'Vibra' performed by Japanese band 'Roca.'. Directed/Animated by NAOWAO.
And One - We Want More
Official music video 'We Want More' performed by 'And One'. The track was initially planed for the 'Achtung 80' part of the 'Magnet (Trilogie I)' release. 
Like What - Out Alive
The song 'Out Alive' is the latest song from the US band 'Like What'. Style of the dark 80s - Depeche Mode, The Cure, Joy Division.
Menthüll - Pour Un Silence
Official music video 'Pour Un Silence' performed by 'Menthüll'. A french interpretation (not cover) of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence'.