Josie Pace - Future
Official music video for the industrial pop song 'Future' performed by 'Josie Pace' taken from the album 'IV0X10V5'.
G.H.T - Salvation
The rough industrial number 'Salvation' performed by the Swedish band 'G.H.T' is a wild banger for the dance floor.
Kajan - Shadowplay
Official music video 'Shadowplay' performed by the German band 'Kajan'. The music video is directed by Tementiy Pronov.
Opal Dusk - Disintegrate
The song 'Disintegrate' is an evil-sounding dancy industrial midtempo EDM tune performed by 'Opal Dusk' taken from the EP 'Pestilence'.
Melt Motif - Mine
Official music video 'Mine' performed by the Norwegian band 'Melt Motif'. An exciting mix between synth pop and industrial.
Dead Lights - Doom Doom Trash
Official music video 'Doom Doom Trash' performed by the British band 'Dead Lights'. The track is taken from the same-titled EP 'Doom Doom Trash'.
H2SO4 - Fast Cars
With the speedy song 'Fast Cars', 'H2SO4' supports the lyrical title perfectly, musically speaking.