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What Is Synthwave?
What is Synthwave? What is Retrowave? Learn the answers to these questions along with details on Outrun and more in this comprehensive guide.

Always a bit closer to black

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Just learn more about your favorite artist instead of just the usual promo questions.

Formalin Press Photo 2021
Probably the most in-depth interview with Formalin ever! The guys took a lot of time to allow us all a real and very personal insight on their creative process but also on their relationship inside the band. Grab a good cup of coffee (of tea), sit down in your favourite easy-chair and enjoy a little time with our friends from Formalin!
An interview with Empathy Test
Empathy Test talk about how a spontaneous jam session led to the making-of an album, which artists inspired them and how the lockdown has influenced their work as a band.

Everything about technology, tutorials or personal stories of artists and bands. Additionally documentaries about genre related stuff.

What is Industrial Pop?
On this episode of Tone Deaf, Daniel Graves (Aesthetic Perfection) be answering the burning question: What is industrial pop?


Here we report about the latest upcoming releases, music updates, campaigns, raffles and specials of the Synth Pop and genre related scene.