Forgotify – The saddest page of the internet

Forgotify - The saddest page of the internet

Forgotify and the millions of songs that have never been heard

The vast­ness of the digit­al uni­verse hides a treas­ure trove of music that has nev­er been heard before. Forget the usu­al playl­ists and explore a unique galaxy of sounds with Forgotify. Millions of songs that have nev­er been heard before are wait­ing to be dis­covered by you – wel­come to a jour­ney that will open up com­pletely new music­al hori­zons for you.

What is Forgotify?

Forgotify is no ordin­ary music plat­form. What makes it spe­cial is that the plat­form auto­mat­ic­ally selects songs that have nev­er been played on Spotify before. Forget the pre­defined playl­ists – Forgotify opens doors to a world of undis­covered sound treas­ures that are wait­ing to be heard by you.

The uniqueness of Forgotify

Many may call Forgotify "the sad­dest side of the inter­net", but behind this mel­an­choly lies a unique beauty. It's not about gloom, it's about the oppor­tun­ity to exper­i­ence sounds that exist bey­ond the main­stream. Forget the pre­dict­able beats and ven­ture into the unknown soundscapes.

Why so many songs are never heard

The sad real­ity on plat­forms like Spotify is that a huge num­ber of songs (over 100.000 per day in 2023) nev­er see the light of day. Many cre­at­ive works are lost in the sheer end­less flood of new releases. Forgotify takes on these for­got­ten tunes and gives them a chance to be heard. Here lies the beauty in the unseen, in dis­cov­er­ing songs that often go unnoticed on oth­er platforms.

Your role as a musical discoverer

On Forgotify, you are the cap­tain of your own music­al exped­i­tion. The plat­form takes care of the nav­ig­a­tion, while you can sit back and be sur­prised by the auto­mat­ic­ally selec­ted songs. Your task: Be inspired by the vari­ety, be the pion­eer who brings pre­vi­ously over­looked melod­ies to light.

How Forgotify works

Forget the usu­al playl­ists and ven­ture into the unknown. Forgotify auto­mat­ic­ally selects songs that have nev­er been played before. One click and you open the door to a world of undis­covered son­ic treas­ures. This is not about hits, but about the pure essence of music.

Conclusion: Your musical journey begins now

Are you ready to leave the beaten track and unearth music­al treas­ures that have so far gone unnoticed? Forgotify is your plat­form to push the bound­ar­ies of music, dis­cov­er new things and be part of a unique jour­ney. The for­got­ten melod­ies are wait­ing to be heard by you – set off and explore the fas­cin­at­ing world of Forgotify!

If you find a fant­ast­ic synth pop or dark wave song that fits in with our magazine, send it to us by e‑mail with the note "Discovered on Forgotify".

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