Recruitment – Become an Electrozombies author

We need staff!

'Electrozombies' has grown strongly in recent years. Even if it is hard to believe, but we are a small team that runs this site in our free time.

For this reas­on, we are look­ing for authors for reviews, art­icles, bul­let­in news, find­ing new inter­est­ing bands and music videos. If your heart beats strong for Synthpop, Electropop, Futurepop, Darkwave, EBM, Electrorock and genre-like music, then you fit per­fectly with us.


Writing flu­ent English – In the devel­op­ment of 'Electrozombies', it was import­ant for us to reach as many people as pos­sible. That is why we decided to cre­ate an inter­na­tion­al Synthpop webz­ine in English. Therefore, you should be able to write flu­ently in English. It would be ideal if you are a nat­ive speaker.

No extreme polit­ic­al opin­ion – In our Webzine it's all about music. One of the most import­ant corner­stones of our Webzine is the claim 'Undead And Open-Minded'. 'Undead': Keep our scene alive and 'Open-Minded': Always be open to new things. For us, it doesn't mat­ter which skin col­our or reli­gion you have, we don't care if you are hetero, gay or les­bi­an and it does not inter­sect us wheth­er you are a meat eat­er, veget­ari­an or vegan. What we don't accept are extreme polit­ic­al opin­ions! In oth­er words, Haters must stay outside.

What's your benefit?

Honest words first: Financially, we can't offer you any­thing. We are already strug­gling to meet the run­ning costs. Most of the time, we get the albums to review before the offi­cial release date. So you have exclus­ive insights into upcom­ing albums. Furthermore, you sup­port the scene you love and live. You can make an act­ive con­tri­bu­tion by arrange­ment and you may get your own column.

We always get the oppor­tun­ity to con­duct inter­views with bands and artists. Here you have the oppor­tun­ity to get closer to bands/artists with inter­est­ing and per­son­al questions.

Have we sparked your interest?

If you can identi­fy with our webz­ine, the dark elec­tron­ic music scene and if you are inter­ested in being an Electrozombie, please fill out the applic­a­tion form com­pletely. We will review your applic­a­tion as soon as pos­sible and then get back to you. We thank you in advance for your time and hope to wel­come you soon on board.

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All inform­a­tion giv­en here is vol­un­tary. Mandatory fields are just "E‑mail" and the check­boxes "Declaration", "Accept pri­vacy policy" and "Google recaptcha". Please note, how­ever, that in the absence of inform­a­tion your request will not be processed.

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