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You’re welcome to send us news, information and promotion material. Furthermore, we are open-minded to discuss promotion campaigns, advertisements and cooperations. You might have a look on the FAQ page before contacting us to avoid unnecessary work and save time. Thank you in advance for your effort in this case.

We try to answer almost every email when needed, but sometimes we might miss an email. In such case don’t give up to easily and try again some days later.

Use this address for sending promotional material to Electrozombies:

Thomas Frenken
Türkisweg 16
41564 Kaarst, Germany

Want to take part on the next official Electrozombies compilation?

Electrozombies will continuously publish a free downloadable compilation called ‘Undead And Open-Minded‘ to promote bands. The main genres we support are Synth Pop, Electropop, Futurepop, EBM, Electrorock, Darkwave, Electropunk, Industrial, and all that fits into this kind of music. Please click on the ‘Send application now’ button to get forwarded to the compilation participation page.

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We’re glad to read your opinions, suggestions, ideas, questions, and also welcome are reports of broken links, spelling errors or other strange behaviours on Electrozombies you might have observed.

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