What is the best Camouflage album ever?

What is the best Camouflage album ever?

We rated every studio album track by track

To find out which is the best Camouflage album, I did the work and rated every single album track by track. I sum­mar­ized the res­ult in a rank­ing taht you can find here. At the end of the art­icle, the val­ues are again clearly arranged, shown chro­no­lo­gic­ally in a curve graph.

Sadly, the masters of instrumental music

I really love and adore Camouflage since the 80s. But intru­ment­al music is bor­ing and soul­less to me. That's why the band doesn't do quite so well here, at least as far as the star rat­ing is con­cerned. There are fant­ast­ic songs on every album, but the instru­ment­als clearly pull the over­all rat­ing down. I guess if you put all the instru­ment­als on one album, you'd prob­ably have an above aver­age, great space opera. But it's exactly these instru­ment­als that I always skip on a reg­u­lar Camouflage album.

The best Camouflage album charts

Camouflage - Spice Crackers

8. Spice Crackers

Release: 1995
Overall Rating: 3.07 ★★★☆☆
Great tracks: X‑Ray
Weak tracks: Electronic Music, Zwischenspiel, Funky Service (What Do You Want To Drink?), Je Suis Le Dieu, Ronda's Trigger, Travelling Without Moving

I think the 'Spice Crackers' is not bad in prin­ciple, but unfor­tu­nately 'Camouflage' have clearly over­done it here with their end­less instru­ment­al tracks. Also the influ­ence of the early 90s Ambient and Trance move­ment has not been taken up by most fans and also me as a pos­it­ive ele­ment, in an actu­al Synth Pop album. If you like elev­at­or music and end­less seem­ing sound­scapes, then you will surely find what you are look­ing for here.

  1. Spice Crackers 4
  2. X‑Ray 4,5
  3. Kraft 4
  4. Electronic Music 2
  5. Bad News 4
  6. Days Run Wild 4
  7. A Place In China (Heaven's Not) 3,5
  8. Zwischenspiel 2
  9. Funky Service (What Do You Want To Drink?) 2
  10. Back To Heaven 3,5
  11. Je Suis Le Dieu 2,5
  12. Ronda's Trigger 2
  13. Travelling Without Moving 2
  14. Spacetrain 3

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Camouflage - Meanwhile

7. Meanwhile

Release: 1991
Overall Rating: 3.14 ★★★☆☆
Great tracks: Handsome
Weak tracks: Mother, Dad, These Eyes, Spellbound, Who The Hell Is David Butler?

When the album 'Meanwhile' was released, it com­pletely passed me by. I don't think there was much pro­mo­tion done for the album at that time. I didn't have MTV at my par­ents home and I didn't see a music video of the album at the German music show 'Formel Eins'. Compared to the debut, the fol­low-up had a hard time. But hon­estly the album con­tains too many very weak and trivi­al songs. And I think many oth­er fans of the first hour were dis­ap­poin­ted by this follow-up.

  1. Seize Your Day 3,5
  2. Heaven (I Want You) 4
  3. Mellotron 3
  4. Mother 2,5
  5. Dad 2,5
  6. Where The Happy Live 3
  7. These Eyes 2,5
  8. What For 3
  9. Waiting 3,5
  10. Accordion 3
  11. This Day 3
  12. Handsome 4,5
  13. Bitter Sweet 3,5
  14. Spellbound 2,5
  15. Who The Hell Is David Butler? 2

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Camouflage - Methods Of Silence

6. Methods Of Silence

Release: 1989
Overall Rating: 3.3 ★★★☆☆
Great tracks: Love Is A Shield
Weak tracks: Your Skinhead Is The Dream, Les Rues, Rue De Moorslede

After 'The Great Commandment', 'Love Is A Shield' is prob­ably the second biggest hit of the band. It is on the album 'Methods Of Silence', packed with a fant­ast­ic cov­er. Besides 3 oth­er good songs, the album is rather mediocre. Besides that there are all these instru­ment­al fillers. Camouflage would have done well to put the b‑sides 'Kling Klang' and 'The Story Of The Falling Fighters' instead of the last two instru­ment­als on the album.

  1. One Fine Day 4
  2. Love Is A Shield 5
  3. Anyone 3,5
  4. Your Skinhead Is The Dream 2
  5. On Islands 3
  6. Feeling Down 3,5
  7. Sooner Than We Think 4
  8. A Picture Of Life 4
  9. Les Rues 2
  10. Rue De Moorslede 2

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Camouflage - Relocated

5. Relocated

Release: 2006
Overall Rating: 3.75 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: We Are Lovers, Motif Sky, Passing By, The Perfect Key, The Pleasure Remains, Something Wrong
Weak tracks: Memory, Stream, Light

With the album 'Relocated' I had this feel­ing that Camouflage are finally back! With the Singles 'Motif Sky', 'Something Wrong' and 'The Pleasure Remains' Camouflage have chosen the right songs for the radio. But there are more Single worthy songs like 'We Are Lovers' or 'The Perfect Key' on the album. Especially worth men­tion­ing is that this time there are no end­less instru­ment­al tracks. There are 3 titles, but they are also only very short. The album 'Relocated' is also part of the art­icle '20 Synth Pop mile­stones and col­lec­tion must-haves'.

  1. Memory 2
  2. We Are Lovers 5
  3. Motif Sky 5
  4. Real Thing 3,5
  5. Passing By 4,5
  6. Confusion 3
  7. The Perfect Key 5
  8. Stream 2
  9. Dreaming 4
  10. The Pleasure Remains 5
  11. Bitter Taste 3
  12. Something Wrong 5
  13. Light 2
  14. How Do You Feel? 3,5

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Camouflage - Voices & Images

4. Voices & Images

Release: 1988
Overall Rating: 3.83 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: That Smiling Face, Neighbours, The Great Commandment, They Catch Secrets
Weak tracks: Music For Ballerinas, Pompeji

With the rank­ing of the debut, some die-hard fans prob­ably want to stone me. I guess I'll take the risk. Because no mat­ter how much you love the band, if you are hon­est, you know that the album is not flaw­less. For a debut album it is abso­lute awe­some­ness. And the Singles are time­less and amaz­ing. From the heart I would like to give the album a full 5 star rat­ing, but 'Music For Ballerinas' and 'Pompeii' annoy me too much for that. But from the track by track rat­ing, we are already on a very high level here.

  1. That Smiling Face 5
  2. Helpless Helpless 4
  3. Neighbours 5
  4. The Great Commandment 5
  5. Winner Takes Nothing 3,5
  6. Strangers Thoughts 4
  7. From Ay To Bee 4
  8. Where Has The Childhood Gone 3,5
  9. Music For Ballerinas 2
  10. I Once Had A Dream 3,5
  11. They Catch Secrets 4,5
  12. Pompeji 2

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Camouflage - Greyscale

3. Greyscale

Release: 2015
Overall Rating: 3.88 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: Shine, Count On Me, Misery, Leave Your Room Behind, End Of Words
Weak tracks: Greyscale, Light Grey, Dark Grey

'Greyscale' was announced and post­poned again and again. Almost 10 years after the 'Relocated' album we all have been long­ing for it. And we were not dis­ap­poin­ted. On many con­certs, long before the release, the band has already presen­ted the Singles 'Misery' and 'Shine' live to their fans. And the album deliv­ers one hit after anoth­er. Many fans and also I took the song 'Count on Me (Featuring Peter Heppner)' to the heart. At least that's what I could hear from many con­ver­sa­tions. A cooper­a­tion like this should be on the agenda for the next album. Read the full review here. PS: Skip the "Grey" tracks.

  1. Shine 5
  2. Laughing 4
  3. In The Cloud 4
  4. Count On Me 5
  5. Greyscale 2
  6. Still 3,5
  7. Misery 5
  8. Leave Your Room Behind 5
  9. Light Grey 2
  10. If … 4
  11. End Of Words 5
  12. Dark Grey 2
  13. I'll Find 4

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Camouflage - Sensor

2. Sensor

Release: 2003
Overall Rating: 3.96 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: Me And You, Perfect, I Can't Feel You, I'll Follow Behind, Thief
Weak tracks: Adrenalin, 74 Minutes

From the first single 'Thief' (1999) to the release of the album 'Sensor' (2003) it took four whole years again. The res­ult is a fant­ast­ic Synth Pop album that is unpar­alleled. Sure, the two instru­ment­als lower the over­all rat­ing a bit, but the major­ity of the good rat­ings clearly out­does it. Very nicely visu­al­ized on the album cov­er is that the band is on the road again in a three­some. I don't know if that's an unpop­u­lar opin­ion of mine, but you can also hear the trio and the enhance­ment in son­ic terms. The songs are all more pleas­ing and much more catchy.

  1. Me And You 5
  2. Perfect 4,5
  3. Harmful 4
  4. Here She Comes 4
  5. I Can't Feel You 5
  6. Lost 3,5
  7. I'll Follow Behind 4,5
  8. Adrenalin 2
  9. Blink 4
  10. Thief 5
  11. Together 4
  12. 74 Minutes 2
  13. You Turn 4

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Camouflage - Bodega Bohemia

1. Bodega Bohemia

Release: 1993
Overall Rating: 4.17 ★★★★☆
Great tracks: Pedestrian's Adventures, Suspicious Love
Weak tracks: (None)

Surprise, sur­prise: The worst album art­work (maybe the funi­est) is the best Camouflage album ever. Congrats to 'Bodega Bohemia'. In prin­ciple, the same mech­an­ism as on the 'Violator' album by Depeche Mode is used here (Article: What is the best Depeche Mode album of all-time?). You remove all irrel­ev­ant tracks like intros, inter­ludes, instru­ment­als and out­ros and con­cen­trate only on the few strong songs. Here less is more and will be rewar­ded accordingly.

'Bodega Bohemia' is after 'Spice Crackers' the com­mer­cially most unsuc­cess­ful album of the band, but in my opin­ion the best. To visu­al­ize the great­ness of this album, I took the liberty of cre­at­ing this fan art­work with a wink.

Camouflage - Bodega Bohemia - Violator fries
In the style of the 'Violator' album an art­work for 'Bodega Bohemia', which rep­res­ents the con­tent much better.
  1. Pedestrian's Adventures 4,5
  2. Crime 4
  3. Jealousy 4
  4. Time Is Over 4
  5. Falling 4
  6. Suspicious Love 5
  7. Bondage People 4
  8. Close 4
  9. In Your Ivory Tower 4

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  1. The 2nd album "Methods Of Silence" clearly the best album!
    The 1st album, Voices and Images in 2nd place.
    The 3rd album, Meanwhile in 3rd place.
    From the 4th onwards, it gets less good.

  2. No los he oído todos, le tengo espe­cial cariño al "Methods Of Silence", el "Live in Dresden" me parece un buen resu­men de su carrera

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