The best Depeche Mode tribute compilations

The best Depeche Mode tribute complilations

Addicted to Depeche Mode covers

I love Synth Pop cover versions and I’m a big fan of Depeche Mode. So what could be more obvious than to write an article about the best Depeche Mode tribute compilations? I especially enjoyed the tribute compilations with a concept or a certain theme. In this article I would like to introduce you to my favourite tribute compilations.

How my addiction started

My passion for these tribute compilations started early in the 90s. When I was a student, one of my classmates noticed that I was a big Depeche Mode fan and brought me a CD that he didn’t need anymore. It was the remix bootlegDJs Revenge“. I had never seen this before in a regular CD store and never heard of this release. When I asked him where he got this CD, he replied: “I bought it at a CD fair in Düsseldorf”. At this time I also did not know what a CD fair is. I also don’t know if this is a typical German thing. Basically it is a big flea market exclusively for music (CDs, Vinyls, Merchandise and other rare Limited Editions or Collector Editions).

After some research, I finally found a date for such a CD fair in Düsseldorf. You even had to pay admission, which hurt me financially because I had very little money in my account during my apprenticeship. But what I saw then made my music fan heart beat faster. I was suddenly standing in a large hall with only music stands. I still can remember that I had about 100 DM (around 50€) in my wallet. At the first stand where I saw a big box with the letters “DEPECHE MODE”, a new world opened up for me. So many remix bootlegs and tribute compilations in one place, it felt like I had discovered a treasure.

I would have loved to buy them all, but unfortunately with my budget I had to limit myself. My buddy didn’t want to buy anything. So he lent me his cash, which was about the same amount as I had with me. Now I just had to decide which CDs I would buy, because I also found a lot of Depeche Mode CDs at several other booths. I got rid of the money without any trouble and that sparked a kind of addiction in me. For the next few years, I had to get rid of thousands of euros (German Marks at that time) at CD fairs. To this day, I still own these CDs and I am really proud to have some rare copies in my CD collection.

The best Depeche Mode tribute compilations in no particular order

Various Artists - We Love DepecheWe Love Depeche – A Lounge Tribute to Depeche Mode

Release Date: September 19th, 2009
Style: Downtempo, Lounge music
Discogs: We Love Depeche

This is the perfect tribute for a romantic candle light dinner or chilling in front of the fireplace with a good glass of whiskey and a cigar. You listen rather casually to the soft sounds of various Depeche Mode classics, wonderfully interpreted by warm female voices.


  1. All 4 Love Ft. Tracy Diamonds – Enjoy The Silence
  2. Ak47 Ft. Angie Soft – Policy Of Truth
  3. Tangwork Ft. Angie Soft – StrangeLove
  4. Ak47 Ft. Tracy Diamonds – Its No Good
  5. Dj Downbeat Ft. Tracy Diamonds – Personal Jesus
  6. Dj Tremendous Ft. Angie Soft – A Question Of Lust
  7. All 4 Love Ft. Tracy Diamonds – Precious
  8. Tracy Diamonds & Step Away – A Pain That Im Used To
  9. Atom Lounge Ft. Angie Soft – Never Let Me Down Again
  10. Tangwork Ft. Angie Soft – Behind The Wheel
  11. Dj Downbeat Ft. Angie Soft – Shine
  12. Angie Soft & Kauderer – Stripped

Listen to ‘We Love Depeche’ now

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Mode Of ObscurityMode Of Obscurity

Release Date: August 1st, 2005
Style: Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, Industrial, Punk, Ska, Hard Rock, Shoegaze
Discogs: Mode Of Obscurity

The label ‘Alter Ego’ pursues with the tribute compilation ‘Mode Of Obscurity’ the same way as we do. To have unusual cover versions of a well-known band realised by young bands in order to introduce and promote them to a larger audience. This South African tribute is an excellent success. And with 20 songs, the CD is full to the brim and definitely not a bad buy.


  1. The Narrow – I Feel You
  2. Fokofpolisiekar – Shake The Disease
  3. Wickhead – Waiting For The Night
  4. 6Stitch – Policy Of Truth
  5. N8ive – It’s No Good
  6. Tiger Lilly – Strangelove
  7. Parlotones – Somebody
  8. Roswell Kings – Condemnation
  9. Diesel Whores – I Feel Loved
  10. The Slashdogs – Never Let Me Down Again
  11. F…Etc – Enjoy The Silence
  12. Hog Hoggidy Hog – Just Can’t Get Enough
  13. 3 Minute Solution – Personal Jesus
  14. Dubway – Barrel Of A Gun
  15. Scarlet Box – Dream On
  16. In Dreams – In Your Room
  17. Running With Scissors – World In My Eyes
  18. Belljar – Stripped
  19. Heteromorpha – Fly On The Windscreen
  20. Kobus! – Blasphemous Rumours

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For The Masses: A Tribute To Depeche ModeFor The Masses: A Tribute To Depeche Mode

Release Date: August 4th, 1998
Style: Alternative Rock, House, Techno, Synth Pop, New Wave
Discogs: For The Masses

‘For The Masses’ is indeed an exceptional compilation, because it’s not just smaller bands that pay tribute to the boys from Basildon. Great names like Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Rammstein, Deftones and Monster Magnet join smaller niche bands of the time in a colourful mix of various musical genres. This is a larger production that can actually still be found in regular stores from time to time.


  1. The Smashing Pumpkins – Never Let Me Down Again
  2. God Lives Underwater – Fly On The Windscreen
  3. Failure – Enjoy The Silence
  4. The Cure – World In My Eyes
  5. Dishwalla – Policy Of Truth
  6. Veruca Salt – Somebody
  7. Meat Beat Manifesto – Everything Counts
  8. Hooverphonic – Shake The Disease
  9. Locust – Master And Servant
  10. Self – Shame
  11. Monster Magnet – Black Celebration
  12. Rabbit In The Moon – Waiting For The Night
  13. Apollo Four Forty – I Feel You
  14. Gus Gus – Monument
  15. Deftones – To Have And To Hold
  16. Rammstein – Stripped

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A Greek Tribute To Depeche ModeA Greek Tribute To Depeche Mode

Release Date: March 21st, 2005
Style: Rock, Pop, Synth Pop
Discogs: A Greek Tribute To Depeche Mode

As the title suggests, this 2005 compilation comes from beautiful Greece. I must honestly admit that I don’t know a single band except for ‘Marsheaux’. But that’s not a judgement of quality, because all the cover versions have their own style and offer a new perspective on the beloved Depeche Mode songs. The first edition of the release came in a beautiful box. Besides the CD, the box contains 17 individually designed postcards for each song. A must-have for music collectors!


  1. Yeah – Policy Of Truth
  2. Μίκρο – World In My Eyes
  3. Ελένη Πέτα – Only When I Lose Myself
  4. Raining Pleasure – Shouldn’t Have Done That
  5. Mindwaltz – Shake The Disease
  6. Monitor – Little 15
  7. Marsheaux – New Life
  8. Emigre – Somebody
  9. Fotonovela – But Not Tonight
  10. Decode – Behind The Wheel
  11. Oberon – Enjoy The Silence
  12. Atria – Photographic
  13. Δημήτρης Κοργιαλάς – Halo
  14. Φόβοι Του Πρίγκηπα – Never Let Me Down Again
  15. ρχήστρα Του 5ου Γαλαξία – In Your Room
  16. Μαρία Παπαδοπούλου – Stripped
  17. Carpe Diem – Clean

Listen to ‘A Greek Tribute To Depeche Mode’ now

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Bright Lights Dark Room - An Electro B-Side Tribute To Depeche ModeBright Lights, Dark Room – An Electro B-Side Tribute To Depeche Mode

Release Date: June 1st, 2006
Style: EBM, Industrial, Synth Pop
Discogs: Bright Lights, Dark Room

The Depeche Mode tribute compilation ‘Bright Lights, Dark Rooms’ is probably the nerdiest release in this list. Here, bands dedicate themselves to the multitude of first-class B-sides from the last 25 years of Depeche Mode. At least for the most part, because there are also a few regular album tracks on the massive 35 track compilation, such as ‘Rush’, ‘Fly On The Windscreen’, ‘Higher Love’ or ‘A Question Of Lust’. However, this is definitely a release worth listening to, because some of the songs are turned inside out and are thus presented in a completely new light.


  1. The Nine – Shout
  2. Octolab – Fools
  3. Armageddon Dildos – Dangerous
  4. Razed in Black – Happiest Girl
  5. Northern Kind – Christmas Island
  6. Technoir – In Your Memory
  7. Inertia – Flexible
  8. Brainclaw – Work Hard
  9. Monstergod – Fly on the Windscreen
  10. FAQ – Pimpf
  11. Fiction 8 – Pleasure Little Treasure
  12. Page of Quire – Reason Man
  13. F.P. – My Secret Garden
  14. Dekad – But Not Tonight
  15. Serotonin – Higher Love
  16. Thee Hyphen – In Your Memory
  17. Libitina – Ice Machine
  18. Benthic – Stjarna
  19. Alien 6 – Ice Machine
  20. Interface vs Viral Conciousness – Never Let Me Down Again
  21. Killing Ophelia – Sea of Sin
  22. Color Theory – Surrender
  23. Syntphonic – A Question of Lust
  24. Swarf – Free
  25. Mechanical Cabaret – (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me
  26. Pinion – Oberkorn (It’s a small town)
  27. Blue October – My Joy
  28. Foco – Rush
  29. BlackBlueBlack – Newborn
  30. Waiting for Words – Nothing
  31. Tracer – Now this is Fun
  32. Kao Tao – Death’s Door
  33. Run Level Zero – Work Hard
  34. Babylonia – Dangerous
  35. Celluloide – Reason Man

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Your World In Our EyesYour World In Our Eyes

Release Date: 1997
Style: Synth Pop
Discogs: Your World In Our Eyes

‘Your World In Our Eyes’ is a small, Swedish compilation from 1997. Musically there is nothing super fancy on here, you get what you see. Finest Synth Pop that sounds typical of the late 90s. So what makes this tribute so special? For me personally, it was the sonic update of the 80s Depeche Mode songs in a fresh sound. These are still worth a listen today.


  1. Forbidden Colours – Halo
  2. Statemachine – Stripped
  3. Children Within – Waiting For The Night
  4. Laura Effect – World In My Eyes
  5. Kiethevez – Here Is The House
  6. Brave New World – Shake The Disease
  7. Daybehavior – See You
  8. Paradigm – But Not Tonight
  9. X-Act – Barrel Of A Gun
  10. Dark Distant Spaces – A Question Of Lust

Listen to ‘Your World In Our Eyes’ now

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Barrel Of The SonsBarrel Of The Sons – Ultrasounds Dedicated To Depeche Mode

Release Date: 1997
Style: Synth Pop
Discogs: Barrel Of The Sons

The album ‘Ultra’ is my absolute favourite Depeche Mode album and that’s why the ‘Ultra’ cover compilation ‘Barrel Of The Sons’, which was released shortly after, also belongs on this list. This release spreads ultra cool vibes. I was particularly impressed by the version of ‘The Love Thieves’.


  1. Laura Effect – Barrel Of A Gun
  2. EnCounter – The Love Thieves
  3. Proxy – Home
  4. Automatic – It’s No Good
  5. Infam – Useless
  6. Forbidden Colours – Sister Of Night
  7. Sombre View – Freestate
  8. Estrange – The Bottom Line
  9. Children Within – Insight
  10. LCD – Painkiller

Listen to ‘Barrel Of The Sons’ now

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MODEified by 7MODEified by 7

Release Date: August, 2008
Style: Acoustic, Industrial, Synth Pop, Experimental
Discogs: MODEified by 7

MODEified was a tribute compilation series made by fans and artists with a lot of love and passion. The compilations were available for free download on the MODEified website. Unfortunately, Volume 7 from 2008 is the last release and the website has also been offline for a long time. The quality of the Depeche Mode cover versions on this series was always very mixed, but I always found that these imperfect versions always had a special charm. What counts here is not perfection, but great ideas and devotion to the musical heroes.


  1. James D. Stark – Higher Love (Monastery Mix)
  2. A New January – Two Minute Warning
  3. love|less – Television Set (’08)
  4. The Echoing Green – Here Is The House
  5. Kilna – Enjoy The Silence
  6. Darkly Dreaming – Love In Itself
  7. Endless Comes Later – Things You Said
  8. Lakeside X – Nothing’s Impossible
  9. Storybox – Lie To Me
  10. Dossiers Secrets – But Not Tonight
  11. Blind Before Dawn – The Sun & The Rainfall
  12. Terminal Bliss – World In My Eyes
  13. Louis Guidone – Photographic
  14. Jason Coy – Only When I Lose Myself
  15. Perihelion + Dasein – Suffer Well
  16. Northern Mars – Walking In My Shoes
  17. Tony Court – Stripped (The Honeymoon Mix)
  18. Fuzzy Monsters – Sweetest Perfection

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Complete dedication – When a cover version is not enough

Here is a little bonus part. It’s about two bands that have dedicated an entire album (or several) to their favourite band Depeche Mode.

Diesel Christ - Diesel ModeDiesel Christ – Diesel Mode

Release Date: 1993
Style: Synth Pop
Discogs: Diesel Mode

I discovered the tribute album ‘Diesel Mode’ by ‘Diesel Christ’ by chance in an electronics shop. As a DM fan, the eye-catching cover artwork immediately appealed to me and I bought it without hesitation. It’s a great piece of work that I can only recommend to everyone. The track ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?’ is not a Depeche Mode cover, but one of the band’s own songs. They probably wanted to promote their own album ‘Gas Food Lodging‘, which was released shortly afterwards. Which worked for me, because this is also a recommendable Synth Pop album and a hard copy is in my CD collection.


  1. Walking In My Shoes
  2. Rush
  3. In Your Room
  4. I Feel You
  5. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
  6. Higher Love

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Marsheaux - A Broken FrameMarsheaux – A Broken Frame

Release Date: June 9th, 2015
Style: Synth Pop
Discogs: A Broken Frame

The Synth Pop duo ‘Marsheaux’ have given Depeche Mode’s debut album, 35 years after its release, a complete makeover. I love this tribute album! Every track sounds modern and familiar at the same time. In addition to the tribute album, the track ‘Monument‘ was released as a single including a music video. At this point, I would like to clearly point out that the album and the single are a must-buy.


  1. Leave In Silence
  2. My Secret Garden
  3. Monument
  4. Nothing To Fear
  5. See You
  6. Satellite
  7. The Meaning Of Love
  8. A Photograph Of You
  9. Shouldn’t Have Done That
  10. The Sun And The Rainfall
  11. Now This Is Fun (Featuring – James New)
  12. Oberkorn (It’s A Small Town)

Listen to ‘A Broken Frame’ now

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Need more Depeche Mode cover compilations?

If you’ve reached this point and are sad to have come to the end of it, calm down because there are a hundred other fantastic Depeche Mode tribute compilations and cover versions out there. Just check out my pal Michael’s page ‘The (Al)most complete Depeche Mode cover versions‘. Here you will find, as far as I know, the biggest database of Depeche Mode cover versions. Michael is always happy about feedback, so thank him if you find any musical treasures there.

Bonus – Electrozombies Depeche Mode tribute compilations

To honour the band, we have released two tribute compilations in 2017. If you might have missed them, go and check them out now:

Ultra > Angel (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)
Ultra > Angel (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)
Universe > Spirit (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)
Universe > Spirit (A Tribute To Depeche Mode)